I’m back….I can’t help it….I found a FREE movie ticket!

I’m back…that was fast!  I told you that if I saw something good I’d pass it on but they have to be quick deals!  This one I just had to pass this on!

If you bought Hershey’s candy for Easter there is a promotion where you send in 4 UPC’s and get a FREE movie ticket (through Fandango) so don’t throw those bags away yet!  Here’s the website to get the form.




Farewell….for now!

When we started this blog the idea was to teach people how to find deals using rebates and coupons but our main goal was to eventually move into getting food storage cheap!  My daughter needed ideas and so we thought this would be a good way since we live so far away from each other.  We never got to the food storage portion and though it has been fun it has also been very time consuming!   I was averaging two to four hours just for one entry and so I’ve decided that I need to rethink how my time is being spent.

So, I’m sorry to say, we’ll have to put this blog on hold until both Codi and I catch up on life!

I do want to say thanks to those who have been faithfully following us.  I still plan on shopping and if I can I will try to pass on any deals.

If any of you have questions about something or need help finding a deal you can always email me at    kerribob@frontiernet.net

One last thing before I go is that lately I have had a few experiences that have again fueled my desire to get my food storage in order.  I do have great food storage (because of my sister Wendy) but I need to reorganize it.  If you are ever interested in this subject, she (my sister) is incredible and has spent  years researching and improving her food storage and then she shares it.  She has been throughout the U.S. teaching her class and she has been featured on the radio and TV.  One of her classes was recorded and put on UTube and so you could always find it there.  Just go to UTube and type in Wendy DeWitt food storage and you should be able to find it.   She also has a website that I would encourage you to go to here   http://everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot.com/

Again, if ever you have questions feel free to email me.

Thanks again!  Kerri Waddell and Codi Green

Eggs .49 at Aldi’s!

Ok….I know I’ve been missing in action lately and my life hasn’t changed much except I’m determined to get my emergency and food storage in order so I had to just share this quick deal.

First of all, you can store eggs on a shelf for up to 1 year!  Those of you who know me already know this but I’ll share this tip just in case.

You need mineral oil (buy at any store) and eggs (of course).  I prefer the eggs in the styrofoam  cartons because the oil can be a little messy.  I usually buy coupons for Eggland’s Best eggs and then after Easter all of the extra eggs getting ready to expire go cheap and with the coupon I usually get my eggs for free.  I store them in my basement and they do last one year.  During the year I bring up a carton and mark it FS for food storage.  The reason I do that is because sometimes the mineral oil doesn’t cover the egg completely and you get a rotten egg!  I’ve done this for about 5 years and in all that time I’ve only had maybe 3 bad eggs.  The only other downside is that the lining on the yolk is weakened with time and so they don’t make good over easy eggs.

Ok….here are the instructions.  This is how I do it but you can experiment and figure out what works for you.

I pour some mineral oil in a small plate.  I dip both hands flat into the plate  so that my palms have oil on them.  Then take one egg and rub it good.  The idea is to get every pore covered.  How it works is that the pores get clogged with the oil and air can’t get into them and so they don’t spoil.  That’s the only way you’ll get a bad egg is if every pore isn’t covered. Then just put it back into the carton.  I always put the date on the cartons.  That’s it!

Now when you see a great deal on eggs you can buy extras and store them….or even better if you actually have chickens!!!

The deal I saw yesterday was at Aldi’s and the eggs were .49 a dozen!  Great deal but they are in cardboard cartons.

We’re doing our eggs this weekend while we watch “inspirational” TV!!!

Have fun shopping and Happy Easter!  Kerri

Walgreens deals

We have a new Walgreens by me in Perinton….woohoo!  So I went yesterday and here are just a few of the deals that were good.

DIAPERS – these were the Walgreens brand.  Normally about $8.99 on clearance for $2.19.

HUGGIES DIAPERS – check out your stores.  A lot of the stores are clearing out some of the diapers and if you find the Huggies then there are some “double dips” to look for.  I saw some Huggies Pull Ups (Cool Alert) for $2.89.  There are $2 coupons at coupons.com and also coupons from the paper.  That would only be .89/ pkg but even if you can find any of the Huggies on sale here is the R.R. deal.

Buy 3 any Huggies package and get $3 R.R.  and if you have the Walgreens coloring book coupons there is also a $2/1 coupon in there but these are hard to find since they expire the end of the month.

Nestle Crunch Bars .89 but there is a coupon in the ad for .49.  There were coupons last week for B1G1F so you’ll pay about .9 for both.  I bought some coupons on ebay awhile back for $1/2 so mine were FREE!

POST CEREAL the cereal in on sale for $1.75 (good price) and there are coupons from the paper or if you signed up at the Post site (previous post) they email you a $2 coupon.  The great deal is that there is a hidden RR on this one when you buy 4 you get $3.00!

4 boxes @ $1.75 = $10.00 – coupon (mine was $1/2 and $2/1 so $3.00) = $7  – $3 RR= $4/4 boxes.  Not free but depends on your coupons.

PREVACID is $21.99 and there is a Walgreens coupon making it $19.99 and I had manufacture coupons for $10 so $9.99 but there is also a rebate for a FULL refund (the rebate says full refund minus the $4 coupon) so the refund could be $21.99 or  $19.99 – $4. = $17.99 or $15.99 rebate check so it’s a moneymaker!

Dr. Scholls there is a coupon for $3.00 off the inserts and there is also a RR for buy $20 get $10 RR.  So I bought 2 inserts for $10.99 each and there were coupons (peelies) on the inserts for $2/1 so here’s what I did

2 @$10.99 = $21.98 – $6 walgreens coupon and $4 man. coupon = $11.98 – $10 RR = $1.98/2

Reservatol vitamin.  The Walgreens vitamins are B1G1F and in the March book there is a coupon (about pg 17)  for $5 off Reservatol.  They cost $10.49 – the coupon which takes off $10 so $.98/2 bottles

Crest 3D this is a monthly deal.  Buy 3 Crest 3D or Oral B 3D toothbrushes at $3 each = $9.00 – $3 RR = $6/3.

Here are the coupons I used.  Sunday’s paper had Oral B toothbrush B1G1F so I bought 2 toothbrushes and 1 toothpaste.  I used 1 B1G1F coupon, $1/1 toothbrush and $1/1 toothpaste so $9/3 – $5 in coupons = $4 OOP – $3 RR = $1/3

Crest/Oral B on page 10 and is a different deal from above. I used the same coupons as above but this one is a better deal.  They are 3/$8 – $5 in coupons = $3 OOP – $3 RR = FREE!

Reach floss/brush (this is a money maker!!!).  There is a coupon in their flyer on the last page.  They are $3 each and with the coupon they are $3.99/3 with a limit of 3.  With deals like this you should give them the manufacture coupon FIRST and then the Walgreens coupon.  So here is the deal.  There are man. coupons for B1G1F and $1 coupons.

I bought 8 (even though the limit is 9) at $3 each = $24 –  $12.00 (4 B1G1F coupons) and – $4.00 (4 $1/1 coupons) = $24 – $16 = $8.00.  THEN at the end the Walgreens coupon took off $13.36 (I don’t know how it came up with that figure because the coupon says it will take off $5.01 but this is a money maker so I’m not going to worry about it!)  soooooo…..I actually MADE  $5.36 profit!!!

Be sure to buy lots of extra deals on this order because they can’t OWE you money!

I love going up and down the isle looking for those ORNAGE tags….that means clearance and you can use coupons with them but I not only find great deals but they are great fillers.

A FILLER means that if you have 10 items you can only use 10 coupons and that’s including your RR.  Almost everything I buy has a coupon with it so I look for small items that are under .50 because one of those will allow me to use a RR of any amount.  But always make sure you don’t use a previous RR that you made on the same deal.

For example.  If you buy Crest and get $3 RR and then the next time you buy Crest if you use the $3 RR from the previous order you will NOT get the $3 RR this time.  I hope this makes sense.  There are some deals that will let you “roll over” the RR but I don’t like trying to find out which deals they are because it’s a pain to return the items so I play it safe.

When I shop at Walgreens I have a “system” in order to keep myself organized and on top of things so that checking out goes smooth!  If anyone is interested, just let me know and I’ll tell you what I do.  I hate to post about it unless I think you would benefit from it!

John Frieda/Frizz-eze deal.  On page 9 it says that some of the items are $8.99 and some are $5.99.  There were coupons in Sunday’s paper for $3/1 and there is a Walgreens coupon in the March book for $2/1 so $5.99 – $5 in coupons = .99

Ok, I know it’s late in the week but you still have 2 days to shop so have fun!  Kerri

Some Deals for the week

Hopefully you have read my post just before this one…so be sure to leave your comments.  For now, I will just give you some of the deals from Sundays paper.

First of all, there were 3 inserts.  Here are just a few of the coupons:

Colgate $1/1

Biore FREE cleanser when you buy pore strips

John Frieda/ Frizz Eaze $3/1 and $2/1 (they are always $1/1 so these are great)

Marcol Small Steps FREE or $1 off/1 (coupon use to be great but their prices went way up)

MissionTortillas $1/1 (haven’t seen one like this for a long time…they have great wheat tortillas)

Barilla pasta $1/2 (not good but ebay has .55/1 and 20 coupons cost $3.75…seems high but other sellers might post)

Soft Scrub spray $1.50/1 also $1/2 any Soft Scrub (another ebay  you can get .50/1 for about $2.00 for 20 coupons)

Fructis hair products $1/1

Reach floss/toothbrush $1/1 (on sale all the time…right now at Walgreens for .99…means free!)

Kellogg’s cereal $1.50/2 (always check out ebay on cereal. A good example is this auction #120540661966 for Fruit Loops.  The coupon is for .70/1 and even though the coupon says “Not Subject to Doubling” because the upc starts with a “5” on the coupon, the store computers automatically double that coupon…if your stores normally double.  So this coupon is a “buy it now” offer of $2.71 total for 10 coupons.  There are other deals out there it’s just good to check out ebay and make sure the coupon code STARTS with a 5!)

Swiffer Dust and Shine Buy one get one FREE

Tide $1/1 (lately they’ve been $1/2)

Febreeze (variety of coupons)

Iams $1, $2 and $3 coupons

Always infinity and Tampax tampons $2/1 also 3 coupons for $1/1

Oral B toothbrush Buy one get one FREE (this is a great one…on sale all the time…Walgreens has R.R. this week)

Old Spice BOGOF

Gillette $2/1 bodywash and BOGOF deodarant

Gillette Fusion razor buy any cartridge pack get a free razor

Make up coupons for Loreal, Covergirl, Almay and one other one…I think!

Crest $1/2 (bad coupon….look on ebay for $1/1  There are also 5 other Crest product coupons)

Pantene $3/2 and $1/1

There are a bunch of other ones…I just wanted to give you some highlights.  I want to mention again the reason for buying on Ebay.  First of all, be sure to go through Mr. Rebates first and you make an extra 3%.  Anyways, other states do not double coupons and so their coupons will be .50/1 and ours will be $1/2 so anytime I see coupons for items that I think I want I look on Ebay for the better coupons…I hope that made sense!


I’ve noticed lately that we don’t get ads every week so I was glad to see one Sunday.  If you don’t have an ad go HERE

Here are some of the deals:

They have “Dollar Days” again with lots of items for $1 or  $2 and $1 or $2 after the rebate

Hammermill Copy Plus Paper Ream $5.99, – $4.99 Easy Rebate. FP = $1
HP Photo Paper 8.5×11 $9.99, – $8.99 Easy Rebate. FP = $1
Staples 200 sheet Notebook $1
Staples Dry Erase Board Eraser $1
3-Pack Avery Glue Sticks $1
Staples 3 Hole Punch $1
Scotch Tape $1
Pull & Seal Envelopes 25-count $1

Bic 5-pack Highlighters $2
Staples 6×9 Envelopes 12 pack $2
Quartet Dry Erase Board 8.5×11 $2
Staples 12-pack Gel Pens $2
Staples Stickies (notes) 12-pack $2
Staples Small Binder Clips 40-pack$2
Wescott 7″ Soft Scissors $2

They also had a coupon for $5/$50 on any purchase (it does say HP ink/toner not included)  If you don’t have a flyer you can still print this coupon from their website.

A deal this week to get 20% back on ink (staples rewards) when you spend $39 on HP ink


I didn’t really see any deals until I checked out the Target website for Target coupons and now I see the deals!  Go HERE to get the Target coupons.  Don’t wait too long though because they are known to pull their coupons after so many prints.

Dannon NutriDay Yogurts are – $1 Coupon: Look on pkg for $1.00 peelie = FREE

Oral-B Stages Toothbrush — $1.99     $1 coupon and $1 Target Printable = FREE

Band-Aids — $1.77 – $1/1 coupon from paper and $1 Target coupon = FREE

Crest Kid’s 4.6 oz Toothpaste — $1.97   – $1 f and $1 Target Coupon (exp 3/31) = FREE

Starkist 2.6 oz Chunk Light Tuna — 94c  Coupon: $1/1 printable HERE or $1/2 from Sunday’s paper = FREE

Sobe Life Water — $1     50c Target printable  and B1G1 printable (remember you can print 2) = FREE

Johnson’s Buddies Bar — 99c Coupon for  $1 off any = FREE

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara — $2.24 – $3 Coupon from the March All You (exp 3/31)  = Free!

GE Reveal Light Bulbs 4 pack — $2 $1/2 printable also one for $1/1 in Sunday’s paper and $1.50/1 Target coupon makes them FREE!

Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash 1.7 oz — 97c (in travel section)  Coupon $3/2  (as long as a coupon doesn’t specify a certain size)= Free!

Right Guard travel size deodorant — 97c Coupon $2/2 (again make sure doesn’t specify size) = FREE

Johnson First Aid Kit — 97c Coupon: $1 blinkie  found in the pharmacy section of Target = Free!

Gillette All Over Clean Hair & Body Wash 8.4 oz — $1.99 Coupon for $4/2 from a couple of weeks ago = 2 for free!

Gillette Hydrator + Body Wash 8.4 oz — $1.99 Coupon $4/2 from same week = 2 for free!

Ok, I have to quit now….I put a timer on to let me know when 2 hours have passed!  I’m trying to manage my time better and the timer seems to help me keep track.

There are some great deals at Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid and Tops has “Double Dollar” coupons again this week.

I will try to give you some more deals as I find them….using my timer of course!

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Partner in Crime temporarily “out of order”

When Codi (my daughter) approached me with the idea of a blog I had no idea what a “blog” was!  She was hoping to learn how to do deals the way I do them but  I said the only way I’d do it is if she took turns posting.  We did great at first but then I left for two weeks in December and then Christmas came and so slowly our goal of trying to blog each day was getting out of reach.

Codi has been home teaching her kids and things have become a little overwhelming for her.  There is nothing more important then family so I told her to take a break.  The problem is I can’t carry this alone and so in all fairness to those of you who read our blog I thought I would at least explain why the shortage of posts.

So, I will still share deals as best I can until we can get things figured out but for now I need a little help from YOU!  I need to know what is most helpful.  I spent four hours on a post a couple of weeks ago and when it was finally done I thought I better re-evaluate what I’m doing because that post might not have helped anybody.

So if you could just comment on what is most helpful to you then I will concentrate on those things and maybe not blog everyday and especially not on things that aren’t needed!

Here are some post ideas:

coupons and rebates

deals at a specific store (Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens etc)

highlights of the best deals at any of the stores

or maybe more humorous stories about my husband!!!

Just share your ideas.  I know people are reading this blog but I’d like to know what you benefit the most from.

Thanks!!!  Kerri Waddell

Deals, rebates and coupons again!

The Sunday paper only had one coupon insert in it but it had some good coupons!  A few that caught my eye were

$4/1 Schick Intuition Razor

3 Pert coupons for $1/1, $1.50/1 and $2/1

Sure deodorant $1.50/1 and $1/1

There were a bunch of other coupons so go check it out.  I also saw Prevacid coupons/rebates.  In the USA Weekend (Colin Powell on the front) were 2 coupons for $6/14+ct and $10/42 ct. but the one that caught my eye was in the Parade (Diane Sawyer on front).  On the back page was a coupon for $4/1 and a rebate for the full amount paid for any Prevacid – the $4 coupon.  It actually says $4 coupon but if you use the $10 coupon from the USA Weekend along with any of the deals that RiteAid, CVS or Walgreens does, it’s a money maker!

Here are a few other deals that I’ve come across to share with you.

Get a free Uniball pen.  It’s very simple to sign up and there’s no charge at all.  Sign up HERE

Coupons.com has new coupons up

Rite Aid coupon $3/$15 exp. 3/31/10  Go HERE to print

Nabisco on Facebook become a fan HERE. On March 1, they will be giving away coupons for free packages of Nabisco Cookies with the purchase of a package and a gallon of milk.  Not the best deal but if you’re buying them anyway, this is a way to get an extra package free and use it towards the Nabisco rebate.  You can only print one.

To become a fan, you first need your own Facebook account.  Even if you hate the whole Facebook thing, all you have to do is sign up under your first initial and last name, set all your settings to private, never accept or invite friends, and it’s harmless. No one will even know it’s you. Then you can participate in all these manufacturer giveaways that come up.  This seems to be the hot new thing, with different manufacturers jumping on the band wagon daily. You’ll miss out on a lot if you don’t have a Facebook account.

After you set up your account, all you have to do is watch for the different deals.  I’ll  post any links that I hear about.  Then you just click on the little button that says “Become A Fan” and then you’ll have access to the goodies.

Update: If you can’t set up an account with only a first initial, use a first initial with your middle name:

C. Sue Smith

Walmart samples. I just wanted to mention this for those of you who might be interested.  Walmart has a program that they send free samples of different products.  My computer has auto-fill so it’s easy to fill out the form (name, address etc.).  Also, there is a small ad but you can skip the intro.  Just look for the “skip” button.

They reason I like doing it is because the samples are great for traveling!  I never take my full size items.  It’s also fun to try different things.  There is no charge.  Go HERE to see what samples they have available.  They change at least monthly so be sure to check them out often.

Entertainment Book. If you haven’t bought one or if you want another one, this is a good time to buy.  They are on sale 50% off and free shipping….but WAIT.  Don’t forget to use Mr. Rebates FIRST and you will get an extra 35% back!!!  So a book for my area would be $17.50 and I would get $6.13 (35%) back at Mr. Rebates so the cost would be $11.37.

I never use all of the coupons in those books but there are a few that definitely make it worth the extra copies!

There are some great deals at Walgreens and RiteAid.  I’ll try to get something up for you guys as far as deals.

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Deals, rebates and coupons

Ok….here’s another page of misc. deals!

Restaurant.com is having another 80% off until 2/28.  Be sure to use this code at checkout SAVOR.   That means you can get a $25 certificate for about $2.  As soon as you pay you can print off your certificate and it’s good for one year.  Check by zip code to see what restaurants are in your area.  Go HERE to check it out.  Don’t forget to go to Mr Rebates FIRST and you will get an extra 25% back!

I try to buy certificates to places I will be traveling.  I plan on going to Utah and Washington in the next couple of months so I look for restaurants there.  I bought 6 certificates for $10.90 + I’ll get  25% back from Mr Rebates!

Dr. Scholl’s custom fit orthotics $10 rebate HERE

Staples coupons.  If you shop at Staples it’s good to have those extra dollar off coupons.  I buy mine on Ebay but just found another site where they email you the coupon so you don’t have to wait.  Check it out HERE

ConAgra coupons/game. I talked about this yesterday but just thought I’d mention it again.  Each time you play the recession game you print a coupon for their products (Hunts, LaChoy, Orvil Reddenbaucher and more)  Go HERE for coupons.

Thia Kitchen coupon.  Go HERE and use zip code 44256 and there is a $1/1 Thia Kitchen coupon.  The ramen noodles are only .99 at Target.

Post Cereal $2.00 coupon HERE You sign up and they will send you an email with the link.

Nestle Coupons.  You can print $11 in coupons after you register.  They will send you an email with the link.  I have one email that I use for all my “junk” items so I don’t clog up my regular email.  Go HERE to sign up.

$5.00 Physician’s Formula coupon.  The February 15th issue of In Touch magazine (on page 19) has a $5/1 coupon for Physician’s Formula makeup in it.  I haven’t seen this magazine yet so I don’t know how much it costs but I’m going to try and find one today….I just wanted to pass it on in case any of you happen to see this.  There are deals all the time on this makeup.

Cherrios $1/1 and $1/2 coupons HERE

Fresh Express Artisanal Salads coupon.  You can print a $1.50 coupon HERE.  Tops just started carrying this brand.  The coupon is a PDF file and so you can print however many you’d like but it is a whole page so you might have to work with it to shrink it down.  It expires 12/31/10.

All You magazine.  I received my March issue of All You (from Walmart).  It has a sky bule cover with bunny cupcakes.  I just wanted to give you a list of the coupons so you can decide if you want to buy one.  I’m not sure if it’s in the store yet but it should be out within the next week.

Here are the coupons:
All You (3/26)
Borden Singles Sensations $10 pg 69 (5/2/10)
Catherines’ $10/$25 pg 59 (3/31/10)
David’s Seeds $1 pg 136 (5/16/10)
Endust Free $1.50 pg 112 (6/18/10)
Fantastik .55 pg 127 (4/30/10)
Fashion Bug $10 off $25 pg 44 (3/26/10)
Fast Classics Frozen Chicken $1.25 pg 110 (7/31/10)
Fast Fixin’ Frozen Chicken $1 pg 110 (7/31/10)
Fisher Boy $1 pg 98 (6/30/10)
Flex-A-Min $3 pg 138 (4/16/10)
Frito Lay 22 ct Family Sack $1 pg 94 (3/26/10)
Gentle Naturals $1 pg 22 (6/30/10)
Halls .50 pg 56 (5/31/10)
Kellogg’s Smart Start $1 pg 52 (3/31/10)
Kernel Season’s .55 pg 6  (5/31/10)
Kleenex Facial Tissue Bundle Pack .75 pg 8 (3/31/10)
Little Lender’s .50 pg 71 (5/31/10)
Marzetti Salad Dressing $1 pg 92 (5/31/10)
Miralax $2 pg 74 (4/30/10)
Neutrogena Clinical Skin Care $5 pg 4 (9/30/10)
Nivea Body Wash $2 pg 40 (4/30/10)
Nivea For Men Body Wash $2 pg 40 (4/30/10)
NYC New York Color B1G1F to $1.72 pg 48 (3/31/10)
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations or Deli Fresh Combinations $1.50/2 pg 96 (4/30/10)
Pedigree+ Canned Food for Dogs B1G1G to $1.09 pg 2 (5/31/10)
Pedigree Dentastix Treats for Dogs $2 pg 2 (5/31/10)
Pedigree Dry Food for Dogs $2 pg 2 (5/31/10)
Pedigree Good Bites Treats for Dogs $1 pg 2 (5/31/10)
Pedigree Jumbone or Marrobone Treats for Dogs $1 pg2 (5/31/10)
Pepperidge Farm Sourdough Breads .55 pg 134 (5/15/10)
Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara $3 pg 38 (3/31/10)
RoC Retinol Correxion $2 pg 46 (6/30/10)
Sally Hansen La Cross Beauty Tool $2 (3/31/10)
Scott Extra Soft Double Roll 12 pk $1 pg 119 (5/31/10)
Scott Naturals Moist Wipes .50 pg 119 (5/31/10)
SCott Paper Towels 6 pack+ $1 pg 119 (5/31/10)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom product .50 pg 127 (4/30/10)
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel or Automatic Shower Cleaner $1 pg 127 (4/30/10)
SeaPak .75 pg 72 (4/30/10)
Sister Schubert’s .50 pg 80 (4/4/10)
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap .50 pg 132 (4/16/10)
Softsoap NutriSerums $1 pg 117 (3/31/10)
Starbucks Coffee $1 pg 17 (4/30/10)
Stouffer’s Party Size Entree $1 pg 124 (5/31/10)
Thomas Honey Wheat English Muffins and Bagels $1 pg 88 (5/31/10)
Visine $2 pg 54 (6/30/10)
Weight Watchers 32 oz Yogurt Container or any five 6 oz cups $1 pg 85 (4/26/10)

There was also a rebate/deal for the David Sunflower seeds in the magazine but you can also print out one HERE

Ok….that’s it for today.  Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Walgreen’s deals and coupons

Here are some of the deals that I see at Walgreens.  If you don’t have an ad you can see one HERE

pg 1 Theraflu/Triaminic 2/$10 buy 2 get $5 RR (register rewards)  There are $2 coupons (some higher)

so $10 – $4 = $6 oop – $5 RR = $1/2

pg 2 Buble Bee tuna (coupon) for .69  x 4 = $2.76 – $2 coupon ($1/2 coupon) = .76/4 cans tuna  (the coupon says limit 3 but if you buy 4 it gives you the credit)

pg 2 Hunt’s tomato sauce (coupon) for .39 x 3 = $1.17 – $1/3 coupon = .17/3 cans  There was also a coupon for $1/4 or you can print the $1/3 coupon HERE

NOTE…..this is a “game” called Recession payback.  It’s kind of funny.  Each time you play you can choose which item you want a coupon for.  These are the coupons I received so far:

$1/3 Hunts tomatoes (any)

$1/2 Orvil Reddenbaucher popcorn

$1/2 Marie Callenders frozen meal

.50/1 LaChoy item (I printed 2 of these…great for doubling!)

So if you want to get stocked up on Hunt’s sauce, play the game and choose the Hunts each time.  Be sure to save your receipts and send off for the Conagra rebate where you spend $10 and get $25 in coupons HERE…but I was just having trouble getting this up.  I did post it last week if you can’t get this one.

pg 3 Hershey’s Pieces 2/$5 spend $10 get $5 RR so 4 bags are $10 – $4 ($1/1 coupons) = $6 – $5 RR = $1/4 bags!  Great deal on these.  They normally sell for about $3.69 each

pg 3 Ghirardelli/Lindt candy bars 2/$3 There is a Walgreens coupon in the February booklet (with the hearts) on “page 2” for $1 off 2 so $3 – $1 = $2/2 bars and if you have a manufacture coupon it’s even better!

pg 4 Glad garbage bags $5.99 for 25-80 count.  There is a Walgreens coupon about page 4 in February booklet for $1/1 and a manufacture coupon for $1/1 so $5.99 – $2 in coupons = $3.99.  Not the best deal but ok for now if you’re needed bags.

pg 7 Gillette Venus/Fusion $8.99 – $4 RR = $4.99.  This deal runs all month but what makes it a great deal is the coupons and the rebate for Olay.  So $8.99 – $2 (for Venus but the $4 Gillete Fusion coupon also works for the Venus) = $6.99 OOP – $4 RR = $2.99.

But wait!  Be sure to also grab an Oil of Olay body wash.  If you have the coupon from a couple of weeks ago (or buy them on Ebay) for buy a Gillette Venus razor get an Olay body wash FREE. So now your total is $2.99 for the razor and the body wash.

Once you have 3 body washes you can send off for the $15 Olay rebate HERE!

pg 8 Colgate Toothpaste/brush $2.49.  Use the Walgreens coupon from the February booklet (about pg 26) for $1 off Colgate 360 toothbrush and the $1./1 manufacture coupon and you’ll pay .49 for your toothbrush.

pg 9 Excedrin 2/$5.  There are $1, $1.50 and $2 coupons out there.  You can also print coupons HERE or HERE (remember to hit the back button so that you can print 2 coupons).  There is a monthly Register Reward on the Excedrin Menstral of buy one 20+ count get $2 RR but what I’ve read (I haven’t been shopping this week so this is hearsay) is that all of the different Excedrin 20-24 ct is generating a $2 RR..no guarantee so it’s up to you if you want to try!  If it does work,  $2.50 – $1 (or more) coupon = $1.50 OOP – $2 RR so you can make money on this one!

pg 9 Dr. Scholl’s spend $10 or more and get $5 RR.  You can print 2 of each of these 3 coupons HERE for $2.00/1

pg 11 Serenity Tena pads (coupon) for $5.00 off 30 to 42 pack.  In the past the smallest pads are about $6.49 and there are $1.50 coupons (some higher) and so they could be free.

Ok, that’s all for now.  I’ll try to do a list like this for CVS or Riteaid.  If I find another good deal, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

$10 Penneys coupon, $5 Rite Aid coupon, rebate forms and a bunch more!

Happy Monday!

I just wanted to do a quick blog about a bunch of different deals so here goes!


When you shop the Rite Aid deals it really helps to have the $5 off $25 coupon.  Print one HERE.  This one doesn’t expire until 4/30/10.  This is a RedPlum site and you can only print two.

Also, be sure to check out the Rite Aid AdPerks Videos.  The videos are less than 30 seconds and you can print Rite Aid coupons to match with your manufacture coupons.  There’s also a bonus that when you earn 20 video credits you can get  a coupon in the store for $5 off $20.  It’s worth checking out if you shop at Rite Aid.


They have a lot of clearance right now which is up to 80% off.  This is the time of year I buy coats, hoodies, pants, sweaters etc. for next year.  Go HERE to print a coupon for $10 off a $25 order (in stores only).  There are a few restrictions so be sure to read it.


Go HERE to print a coupon for B1G1F sub (when you buy a drink) and a coupon for $1 off any Choose 2 Combo


There was an ad in Sunday’s paper saying that you can print a $15 rebate on 3 Olay products.  This is pretty much FREE MONEY!  If you have the coupons from last week for the free Olay when you buy the Breeze razor then you are in luck!  The razors are on sale at Target, Walgreens, CVS etc.  Just buy the razors, get the Olay free and send off for the $15.00 rebate.  Print one HERE


This rebate is for buy any Neutrogena Clinical product get a $15.00 rebate HERE .  I haven’t checked out prices or deals, I just wanted to pass the rebate on to you.

There is also a $5.00 coupon HERE.

If that doesn’t work, you might want to sign up at neutrogena.com There are always offers, rebates and coupons to print.

P&G $100 coupon booklet

Last year P&G did this deal and the the coupon book was definitely worth it.  the deal is to buy $50 worth of any P&G products between 2/1/10 and 4/15/10, circle the products and send in the original receipts.  That might seem like a lot but if you are doing any of the deals at Walgreens, Target etc. it’s easy to do.  You can see a list of P&G products here.   Just be sure not to send in your receipt for the Olay  rebate (listed above)!

Go HERE to print up the rebate form.


SC Johnson has a $5 rebate when you buy 3 items.  You can actually do 3 rebates per address!  These products are always on sale.  In fact, this week at Target the Glade Fragrance Collection 2 oz candles are on sale 2/$5. Buy four, use two $3/2 coupon from past Sunday paper and pay $4, then submit for the $5 refund. You can do it three times for up to 12 free candles and a $3 profit. That’s just one example.

Avery Labels rebate

If you use labels then check out this rebate for $5 or $10 HERE.  If you shop at Staples then this is a great rebate to use with Staples rewards (talked about recently)


Go to this website and answer ONE question (about which pain reliever you use) and you will receive a coupon by mail for a FREE bottle of Excedrine.  It’s only one per household but there is a trick (I think).  I read about this somewhere else and they said that you have to mark any box BUT the Excedrine to get a FREE coupon.  Go HERE to check it out.


I’ve mentioned the magazine quite often on this blog.  You get it at Walmart and it has great coupons in it.  I have 2 subscriptions and every month I go to Walmart to buy more because the coupons are definitely worth it.  They are manufacture coupons, not Walmart, so they are good anywhere.  The subscription is usually $20/12 issues but there is a deal right now for $12/12 issues or $24/24 issues (2 years).  Go HERE to subscribe.


You can print most of these twice if you push the back button after the first print.

$2/1 Post cereal (you have to sign up and they email you the coupon)

.50/1 Wise Chips (can print multiple times)

$1.50 Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion

$1.00 Reynolds (3 different coupons)

$6 or $10 coupon on Prevacid

.75/3 Contadina tomatoes (can be printed more than 2 times)

Coupons.com (has some good coupons to check out)

Suggestion:  If you live where coupons are doubled, check out a zip code for a state that doesn’t double coupons (I do Utah 86401 etc) and then I go to my zip code.  The reason is that the coupons will be for .55/1 in Utah and $1/2 in NY.  It’s worth a try.

Ok….that’s all for now….you should now be on overload!

Have fun shopping!   Kerri

Target Deals

I went shopping yesterday and had so much fun!  Here are some of the deals I found at Target.


They had 4 deals that I wanted to mention.

1 – 4 Razors and 3 Olay body washes for $2.96!

Venus/Fusion razors are buy 2 get a $5.00 gift card.  The razors are $6.99 each but it’s the coupons that make this deal sweet so hopefully you got some papers last Sunday!  There are $2 Venus and $4 Fusion coupons.  The $4 coupons say Gillette but show a picture of the Fusion but they will work on the Gillette Venus.  The $2 coupon is for the Venus.  It’s up to you if you want to try to use the $4 coupons on all of the razors.  Ok, so here’s what you buy:

3 Venus Razors and 1 Fusion razor @ $6.99 each = $27.96 – $10 in coupons (1 $4 and 3 $2)  = $17.96   + you will get (2) $5.00 gift cards so after the gift cards you would be at $7.96

(or – $16 if using the $4 coupons = $11.96 – the (2) $5.00 g.c. = $1.96 for 4 razors)

Now to complete this deal you need to buy 3 Olay body washes but they HAVE to be Olay Total Effects for this to work.  This is what you need to look for:

They are $5.49 each but with the coupon from Sunday’s paper, they are free!  The coupon is Buy one Venus Razor get any Olay body wash FREE.  The reason you need to buy the Total Effects is because it is the only one that will trigger a $5.00 gift card with you buy 3!

So now your total OOP (out of pocket) is $17.96 (or less if you use more than 1 of the $4 coupons) but you will get (3) $5.00 gift cards (2 for the razors and one for the Olay) to use on another order.  $17.96 – $15 gift cards = $2.96 for 4 razors and 3 body washes.

2 – Quaker oats (possibly free!)

This deal will vary according to what you find at your store.  The deal is buy 5 quaker items get a $5.00 gift card.  What makes this deal so great is that the single serve cups that cost $1.02 count towards the deal!  The problem is finding them!  I only found 3 at my store but you could ask if they have more in the back.  I had coupons for $1.00 off any Quaker Oatmeal that worked on the single serve cups.  If you can get 5 cups at $1.02 = $5.10.  Even with no coupons the deal is good.  $5.10 – $5.00 gift card = .10 for 5.  Here’s the deal I did.

I bought 3 single cups ($3.06) and 2 Quaker Bites $2.34 each ($4.68).  Total was $7.74 – $4 coupons (3 $1/1 and 1 $1/2) = $3.74 OOP and I got a $5.00 gift card.  If you can find the single cups and get 5 and use 5 $1 coupons you would pay .10 and get the $5.00 gift card!

3 – Travel games for .24 to $1 .99

I talked about this a couple of days ago.  There are coupons for $4 and $5 at coupons.com and there were also some in Sunday’s paper.  At my Target the Scrabble and Monopoly were on sale for $5.24 – the $5 coupon = .24!  The Pitureka and Sorry were $5.99 with $4 and $5 coupons so .99 – $1.99.

Here’s a bonus.  Make sure you buy the boxes with the yellow star in the upper right corner that says $5.00 coupon inside.  The coupon is not good for the travel games but for the regular sized games but they don’t expire until 2011 and there are always deals out there for games so these are good to have on hand.  Here’s what the coupon looks like:

4 – Clearance 75% off

Bedding/Household had a lot of isles at 75% off.  Sheets, curtains, towels and more and I found some mens Hanes underwear/socks at 75% off.  There were a lot of other items but this one caught my eye in the automotive section.  Bob likes keeping his car clean so I thought it was a great deal.

There are 6 full size bottles of Armor All products and a free car mit.  This was $20 and now it’s $10.00.  Not free but I’m getting there!

Inside this box there are $10 in Target coupons for Armor All products.  Look for the box with the $10 sticker in the top left corner and the free car mit.

I went to another Target and these were on 75% clearance for $5.00!  I bought 2 and used the Target $3 coupon off any 2 items (from my first box).  So $10 – $3 = $7 for 12 bottles.

I guess that’s it for now.  Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Rebates, coupons and 80% off Restaurant.com

Hey….just a quick blog about a couple of rebates/coupons that I wanted to share.

Tropicana Orange Juice.  When you buy specially marked cartons you can earn points.  One carton saves you up to $15. three cartons save you $45.  I went to the web site to see the list and it was huge!  I looked under Museums, Golf and travel.  One example was for the Portland Museum (grandkids live there) and one point gives you a coupon for B1G1F.  This is  just one example.  The ad said that there are 20,000 offers.  Just thought I’d pass it on.  If you register today and answer a 4 question survey you get one point.  Here is the site tropicana.com

Campbell’s Soup Go to chunky.com for $7.00 + in coupons.  There are coupons for Campbell’s soup (variety of amounts), Pepperidge Farm bread (.55/1) and V8 Fusion Juice ($1/1)

Restaurant.com is a great place to buy certificates for eating out.  Normally the certificates are $10 for a $25. but you usually have to spend $35 at the restaurant.  What makes this a great deal is when they have specials….like right now!

You can get 80% off (a $25 certificate for only $2.00!) by using this code HEART.  This expires 2/14/10.  But wait…..don’t forget to go to Mr. Rebates first HERE and you will earn an extra 28%!  Once you pay for the certificate you just print it out and take it to the restaurant.  I’ve done these for years and it use to be that they would mail it to you so it’s great to print it out.  Hurry though because they can run out of the best ones!

Science Diet pet food.  You can get $5.00 off 3lb bag coupons.  There is something called a 3 bag challenge.  I already buy this food but it’s hard to get coupons.  Go HERE to register.

Cat Litter. Since I’m on animals, here is a rebate for World’s Best Cat Litter up to $12.99.  Go HERE to get the rebate.  There is also a PDF file but I’m not sure if it will work.  You can also print a $3.00 coupon to use.  It expires 2/28/10 HERE.  You can also try the PDF file if you’d like.  You can get it at Petco, Petsmart and other places.  Just click on the store locator to find where it’s at.

That’s it for now but as I find more, I’ll pass them on!  Kerri

Great coupons in Sunday’s paper!

Sunday had some great coupons in it.  If you haven’t gotten one you can still try to find them.

Hit the gas stations, the Dollar stores or some of the grocery stores.  Some will carry the paper until it’s gone.  I have a friend that goes to the recycling center to get her coupons…great way to get coupons for free!

In our Dem. and Chronical there were 4 inserts

But in the other local paper it only had 3 inserts but the one missing was the smallest one (not the best coupons).

The P&G insert (with ice skater on it) had 9 coupons for B1G1F items! Here are just a few of them.

Venus razor get Olay body wash free

Covergirl face product B1G1F

Buy Gillette deodorant get Body wash Free

Buy Swiffer starter kit get refill free

Herbal Essences B1G1F

This insert also had the regular P&G coupons for Crest, Oral B, Scope, Charmin, Pantene, Old Spice, Bounty, Pampers, Nyquil, Tide and more.  These are great coupons if you shop any of the deals at Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS.  The paper was definitely worth buying just for this one insert!

The RedPlum insert had a lot of pet coupons if you use those.  It also had Tylenol, Garnier Fructis products, Quaker Oatmeal (.50 off one!), Quaker instant oatmeal ($1. off one), Maybelline, Nivea, B1G1F on Nivea lip, All detergent ($2 off one!) and more.  Again, these are great when you shop the sales.

Smart Source insert again has some great coupons.  The front page has Cold Stone (for you Kiana!), Dunkin Donuts, Ponderosa and a one day pass to Sam’s Club.  There are also coupons for Campbells, Lysol, SeaPak, Hershey’s Bliss, Dannon yoguarts, 3 coupons for $1 off one Welches products, Crest, Glade, lots of medicine coupons and a whole lot more!  There was also a rebate form for a refund on Schick Quattro (up to $11.99) and they are on sale all the time.

Again, if you are doing any of the deals at Rite Aid, Walgreens, or CVS, this is a great paper to get!

I’ve only looked at the Walgreens ad for this week and you will definitely want some of these coupons for their sales!

The USA Weekend (has Leonardo DiCaprio on it) has  3 coupons for games.

The coupons are for $4 off Scrabble or Monopoly, $5 off Pictureka or Sorry and $10 off Scrabble Diamond Edition.

There are also 26 different game and toy coupons at coupons.com that you can print out.  To find them quicker, go to coupons.com and in the left column click on “Toys and Games”.

And why would I mention this???  Well, some of these coupons work on the Travel Games that sell for $5.99 so it makes for inexpensive gifts!

Target and Walmart have Pictureka and Monopoly for $5.99 after the $5 or the $4 coupons the games are only .99 or $1.99!  Stock up for birthdays, holidays or donate them!

While you’re at coupons.com be sure to check out their other coupons.  They always do new ones at the beginning of the month but they disappear after so many prints so be sure to hurry.  There was a $2 off Excedrine (sale this week), .55/1 Smithfield bacon (B1G1F at Tops), $2/2 Kotex (Walgreens sale), .50 off All You magazine (at Walmart…great coupons!) and a bunch more.  Be sure to put in your zip code so you get coupons for products sold in your area.  There were over 186 coupons available in my area.

The last thing I want to mention is the Tops ad (grocery store chain in NY…sorry!)  They have some great coupons in this weeks ad so be sure to get extras of those.  Here are the coupons I saw:

(4) $1 doubler coupons (page 7)

$2 off $10 of Valentine’s merchandise (pg 1)

Hallmark cards B2G1F (pg 1)

$2 off $10 of any cosmetics (pg 9)

Buy 4 Post cereals (on sale for $2 each) get 1 gallon of milk FREE (pg 4)

Also, there is a deal on page 8 that when you buy 5 listed products you get a $3 coupon off next order.  The only way this deal could work is because of the $1 doubler coupons.  So here’s an example.  I picked the cheapest item which was the Satin Care shave gel 2/$5

5 Satin Care (at $2.50 each) = $12.50 – 5 $1.00/1 coupon (in yesterdays paper!) –  4 $1 doubler coupons = $12.50 – $9.00 (coupons) = $3.50 OOP (out of pocket) for 5 shaving gels + you get a $3.00 coupon off your next order so  .50 cents for 5 cans of Satin Care!

You get the idea.  Like I said, the paper had great coupons for doing some of these fun deals.

Now, go out and have fun shopping!  Kerri

You’ll Never Look at Dinner the Same way…

Hey guys this is Codi here!  I know it’s been a while since I posted!!!  Got busy with LIFE!!!   So right before the big “GO GREEN” craze started I’m sure a lot of you were already trying to be conscience of waste, healthy living, and being a good ‘Mother Nature’ advocate!  So it was pretty funny when they said “GO GREEN” and we were changing a lot of our habits and our last name is uh… GREEN!!!!  LOL I love it!  It makes it more fun for us!  So with that said I have a few “GREEN” deals for ya….

  So the site my mom mentioned the other day 6pm has a sell on their “SIMPLE” brand.  This brand is awesome!  Their goal is to be 100% sustainable, that goes from materials, to where their power comes from.  Go HERE

Cuisinart Greenware Eco-Friendly Nonstick 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set I’m sure you have heard by now how unhealthy and TOXIC your cookware might be, if not then go HERE for some quick info – but the ‘healthy, non-toxic’ kind  can be spendy!  The deal on Amazon has a great buy right now, go HERE and check it out!

Pocket Guide to Choosing Organic If buying Organic produce isn’t always an option for you because of price or you just don’t know why it’s important –  check this out, Earthbound Organics  is going to help prioritize and shop wisely with their downloadable pocket guide  to show you which conventional produce has the most harmful chemicals and residues. 

There is also a Video out at Blockbuster that is very good, it’s called “FOOD INC”.  Great Show, watch the trailer HERE . Like I said Blockbuster has it on the New Release Wall.  

That’s all for today!  Have a good one!

Walgreens deals

Ok, so I went shopping at Walgreens and had a great time.  I’m going again today!  There are a lot of deals but I just thought I’d share some of the better ones.

Zicam Cold Sore Swabs $10, (back page)
– $3 cpn on pack (be sure to peel it off….I forgot to on my first one!)
$7 RR

Vitamin Schtick Lip Care $1.99 (back page)
$1.99 RR

Blink Tears $7.99 (back page)
– $1.50
– $2 from Sunday paper
– $7.99 RR
FREE + profit

Vitamin Water Lip Care $1.99 (back page)
– $2 RR

Joint Juice $10 (back page)

– B1G1F printable
– $10 RR

Scalpicin Medicated Wipes $5.99 (back page)
– $5.99RR

Advil 40-50 ct $4.49  This deal also includes Thermacare for $5.99  (page 13)
– $2 from paper also there are $1.50 “blinkie” coupons at CVS
– $5 RR wyb 2
FP FREE wyb 2

Accu-Check Monitor $14.99
– $10 coupon from paper
– $5 Diabetes & You Booklet
– $5 RR
FP FREE + profit

– $2 RR

Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter$74.99 Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter $14.99
– $30 coupon (they will take off $14.99 so free!)
– $10 RR
FP FREE + profit

NyQuil, DayQuil, VapoPads, Formula44, VapoSyrup $5
– $2 from Sunday paper in January
Buy $20, get $10 RR, buy $15, get $5 RR
Buy 4 for $20, use four $2 cpns, pay $12, get $10 RR

Pepsi, Doritos, Tostitos, Stacy’s, Lays, Fritos, Gatorade Tostitos are only $2.00 and Pepsi is 3/$12
$10 RR wyb $20
-coupons will vary.  I found $1.00 off one in Tops (tear pad)
– $7.50 mail-in rebate in some states

Axe 25% off (shampoo was about $4.29)
Buy 3, get one movie ticket
Buy 5, get 2 movie tickets

There were coupons for $2.00 off hair on some of the Axe products in the Walgreens store.

Well, there ya go….have fun shopping!  Kerri

Walgreens coupons

Walgreens has some great deals this week.  I’m heading there this morning and I’ll report what I find but I wanted to share two things with you before I go.

First of all, some Walgreens have a 2 page flyer of coupons that you should look out for.  They are Walgreens coupons so they can be used with manufacture coupons.

If you want to see what the coupons are you can see them HERE

I don’t know if they will work if you print them or you can just look for them in the store.

The other Walgreens coupons are in their monthly booklet.  It is pink with a red heart on it and usually at the front of the store.  In a previous post I said that I usually take one and mark it on the front and number the pages and I don’t tear coupons out of that one.  I use it as a reference for when I’m making my list.

Well, I’m trying something new.  I made an alphabetical list that I’m attaching to the book.  I’m putting page numbers on my list but I thought I’d share it with you in case you want to print one.

Hope this helps.  Kerri

coupon book will be found in most wags stores starting 1/31. coupons expire 02/27/10, except where noted

4 way fast acting nasal spray $3 off

accutech cholestrak cholesterol and hdl test $5 off

airplus 1 pair, 2 pk $1 off

aquafresh white trays 14 pk $10 off

astroglide gel 4 oz $.50 off

astroglide personal lubricant 2.5 or 5 oz $1 off

at home drug test $3 off

balneol lotion 3 oz $2 off

bayer aspirin 325 mq 24 ct, low dose 32 ct, or children’s 36 ct $1 off

children’s chestal1 4.2 oz, children’s oscillococclnum 6 ct $2 off

claritin reditabs 30 ct, or liqui-geis 24 ct $4 off

colace 100 mg 60 ct, or senokot 60 ct $4 off

colqate toothbrush 360 clean soft or medium $1 off

crest toothpaste, regular, tartar control, or baking soda and peroxide whitening 6.4 oz $1.50 off

crest whitestrips 28-84 pk $3 off

culturelle 30 ct, or culturelle for kids 30 pk $4 off

debrox earwax removal aid .5 oz $4 off

depends underwear 14 to 20 pk, briefs 16 to 26 pk, belted shields 30 pk, guards 48 or 52 pk, or poise pads 36 to 52 pk $2 off

diabetic tussin dm maximum strength 8 oz $2 off

dove cream oil lotion 13.5 oz $2 off

endangered species wolf dark chocolate cranberry almond or dark chocolate with mint bar 3 oz $1.50 off 2

florida’s natural orange or apple juice 33.8 oz $.50 off

ghirardelli chocolate bar 3-3.5 oz $1 off 2

glad trash bags l3 or 30 gal 25-80 pk $1 off

healthy choice fresh mixers $1 off 2

hershey’s or reese’s® valentine’s candy, 8 or 8.5 oz. $1 off 2 (offer expires 2/14/10)

kleenex ultra soft facial tissue 85 pk $.75 off

kotex tampon super plus 36 pk,overnite maxi 28 pk, or ultra thin long maxi 40 pk $2 off

l’oreal extra volumizing collagen washable mascara black, blackest black, or black/brown, .34 oz $2 off

l’oreal telescopic explosion mascara .27 oz 2 off

little noses stully nose kit $1 off

m&m’s or valentine m&m’s, 9.9-12.6 oz $1 off 2 (valentine’s candy offer expires 2/14/10)

mg217 psoriasis treatment 3.8 oz $2 off

noah’s naturals anti-aging beauty bev.14 day 4.2 oz $2 off

ocean spray craisins dried cranberries 10 oz, cranberry juice cocktail, cranberry/pomegranate juice 64 oz $.50 off

omron hip pedometer hj150 $5 off

oral-b advantage toothbrush 1-2-3 soft or med $1.50 off

pepcid ac maximum strength or complete, 50 ct $2 off

percogesic ex-strength caplets 60 ct, or tabs 90 ct $2 off

perlabella retinol anti-aging pearls 28 ct $2 off

revlon frost & glow kit $3 off

revlon scissors, nippers, or shears $3 off

revion super lustrous lipstick .15 oz $2 off

right guard professional 1.8 oz or dry ldea clinical complete 1.8 or 3.5 oz $3 off

sarna lotion 7.5 oz $3 off

schick disposable razors 3-12 pk $1 off

similasan ear drops .33 oz $3 off

sinucleanse nasal wash kit 30 pk $5 off

skin essentials age spot treatment 1 oz or deep wrinkle filler .78 oz $5 off

summer’s eve feminine products $.50 off

toblerone or milka chocolate 3.5-3.52 oz $1 off 2

triderma md 2.2 oz $5 off

trojan magnum lubricated, ultra thin sensation, ribbed lubricated, or pleasure pk condoms 36 pk $2 off

viva regular roll paper towels 6 pk 50 sheets ea $1 off

wags moisturizing cream 16 oz $1 off

wags photo color print 35mm film 800 speed 24 exp $1 off

wal-tussin cough & cold cf or cough dm cherry 12 oz $1 off

wal-tussin cough softqels 20 ct $1 off

wags by homedics man. blood pressure mon. $10 off

wags certainty underwear 28-40 pk, or briefs 32 pk $5 off

wags cold & flu relief night time orig or cherry 16 oz $1 off

wags digital thermometer $1 off

wags sinus wash booster 2 oz, or refills 100 pk $3 off

wags sinus wash salt jar 10 oz, or neti pot kit with 30 refills $5 off

wags super probiotic 30 ct, or fiber 120 ct $2 off

wags zinc cold therapy quick melts citrus 25 ct $2 off

welch’s 100% grape juice 64 oz $.50 off

wet lubricant 3.1-10.1 oz $1 off

wrigley’s big bottle gum 60 ct $1 off 2

Free candy at Kmart!

I’m not a big fan of Kmart but I did see a deal that I thought was worth mentioning.

It’s on the back page of the Kmart ad.  If you don’t have one you can go HERE

The Hershey’s Pieces pouches are on sale for 2/$5.00 and when you buy 4 you can send off for a $10 Kmart gift card for your next Hershey’s purchase.  The bags usually sell for $3.69 a bag.

There were $1.00 coupons in yesterdays paper so 4 bags would be $6.00 out of pocket and you would get a $10 gift card!

I like free candy!

There are good coupons again so go get some papers if you can.  Kerri

Coupons, Rebates and great deals!

Todays blog is just a list of misc. deals.  I highlighted the items so you can look through to what you are interested in.  Mainly there are coupons and rebates but at the end I have 2 shopping deals.

Sure Max rebate form to try for FREE.  Be sure to find a package with a yellow peelie at the top of the deodorant that says “Try Me Free”.  You can get up to $6.99 back.  The purchase has to be from 1-1-09 (yes, that is 09) to 3-31-10!  You can print the form HERE

Arm & Hammer has $9.50 in coupons HERE (some are .75/1 which is great for stores that double)

Natures Bounty is on sale this week B1G1F at Rite Aid and CVS.  Be sure to sign up for the Healthy Rewards HERE.  I have a lot of vitamins that I bought a couple of weeks ago from the Walgreens deal.  When you put the lot numbers in you get points and once you get 500 points you can print coupons.  There are $5, $3 and $2 coupons.  Usually you can print a second coupon by hitting the “back button” in the top left corner but I was able to print 4 of the $5 coupons.

If you go to Rite Aid they are B1G1F and you can use a coupon on each bottle and there is a $10 rebate when you buy $25 or a $25 rebate when you buy $50 (rebate #552).  This can be a BIG profit maker!

Be sure to use the Rite Aid coupon HERE for $5 off $25

There are manufacture coupons out there to start with and then once you get your points up and print the larger coupons your vitamins should always be FREE!

Nature Made also has a rewards program but they mail the coupon to you and it can take up to 4 weeks!  It’s still worth signing up though.  Go HERE to sign up with Nature Made.

Reese’s Promotion. This one is limited to the first 25,000 to sign up.  Print out this form HERE and mail it in with a wrapper from one of the candy bars listed (they’re on sale this week at Walgreens with coupon for .49) and the first 25,000 responses will get a coupon for a FREE bag of Reese’s Pieces (value $3.69).

Post-it coupon for $2 off $10 purchase HERE.  This is a great coupon to use at Staples with all the great deals that they are always having.

Ok, I have 2 more good deals I want to share.  These aren’t coupons but for clothing.

6pm shoes. There’s a site that I like to go to when they have their clearance for shoes and today’s the day!  They have great brands like Keen, DVS…actually, everything and right now they have a lot on sale for up to 75% off!  An example is Keens reg. $90 for $22.50!  This is a great time to buy shoes for the kids and you!  Shipping is a flat $6.95.

The site is called 6pm….but WAIT….go to Mr Rebates first and you’ll get an extra 5% back!!!

If you don’t want to go through Mr Rebates then you can go HERE to see the shoes!

The last deal I haven’t done but my friend (thanks Tiffany!) called me yesterday so excited.  Here in Waterloo, NY we have a Children’s Place Outlet (check and see if there is one by you!) and she said that all of the clearance was $3.99 and under.  She said there had to be at least 20 racks full of clothes and even the clothes on the wall.  This is a great time to buy for next year.  But before you go, be sure to print out a coupon HERE for 15% off your bill!  It expires 1/31/10.

In fact, ANYTIME you go shopping be sure to google for coupons….you never know what treasures you’ll find! Here is one site that seems to have a lot but it’s always good to shop around a little.

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Walgreens deals and freebies!

I went to Walgreens yesterday and thought I’d let you know some of the deals I was able to get.

If you don’t have an ad, you can look at one online HERE

Maybelline (page eight) 40% off + buy 3 get $3 R.R. (register rewards) + $1 and $3 man. coupons

Olay Quench (page eight) 20.2 oz lotion $7.99 get a FREE Olay Quench In-shower lotion.  I used a $2. man coupon off the lotion and a $1.00 off the in shower lotion so OOP (out of pocket) was $5.99 + mail in rebate for buy any Olay Quench get the full amount back ($7.99) AND you can get 2 refunds per household but they have to be sent in at the same time.  This rebate expires Jan. 29th!  Get the rebate HERE (moneymaker!)

Go HERE to find out about Olay rebates and also to print coupons!

Pert (pg 9) 2/$5 and Sunday’s paper had $1 and $1.50 coupons so OOP is $2 for 2 + you get $2 R.R. (Free!)

BIC Razors (pg 10)  B1G1F (Buy 1 get 1 free) only the Hybrid or Flex4 available at $6.99 for both + manufacture coupon for B1G1F so both are free!!!

Reach Toothbrush/floss (pg 10) You need the coupon on page 10 that makes them .99 and there is a manufacture coupon for the toothbrushes for B1G1F.  The toothbrush runs about $1.99 so you get $1.99 off both toothbrushes…makes them FREE

Sure Deodorant (pg 10) Another coupon that makes the deodorant 2/$3 and in Sunday’s paper there were coupons for $1.50 off one so again…FREE!

Stayfree Pads (pg 11) $1.99 for 16-24 pack.  There are man. coupons for B1G1F that expire 1/31 so this isn’t free but about $1/pkg

Huggies Diapers (pg 11)  Spend $25 get $5 R.R.  The diapers are $8.99/ pkg and wipes are $2.50.  I didn’t do this deal but some of you might need diapers so here’s an example.  3 pkgs = $26.97 – $6  – $7.50 in man. coupons (from Sundays paper OR print some at coupons.com!) Also, if you have the Children’s Activity Book that I’ve talked about it has a coupon for $1.00 off.  One coupon will give you $3.00 off your order (it will work for up to 4 pkg) so about $5+ per package.  There might be better deals but if you use RR you can get them free.  I have a picture of the Childrens book you should look for below.

Digestive Relief (pg 12) Spend $30 get $10 RR.  Products included are Dulcolax ($10), Pepto-Bismol, Benefiber, Gax-X, Ex-Lax, Maalox ($5), Alka-Seltzer, Tums ($4) and Prilosec or Zantac ($19).

This is the deal I did.  I bought 6 Benefiber at $5 each.  I used the Walgreens coupon for $2 off 1 from the Diabetes and You magazine in the pharmacy (shown below).  The coupons are in the outside cover booklet so make sure it hasn’t been torn off!  The great thing was that the $2 coupon took $12 off my order.  I thought it would only work for 4 boxes but it worked for all 6!

So 6 boxes of Benefiber = $30. – $12 (Walgreens coupon) – $12 man. coupon = $6 + you get $10 back in RR…moneymaker!!!

Neosporin (monthly deal) 2 boxes for $8.  When you buy 2 you get $3 in RR.  There are $1 man. coupons and there are $2 coupons in the Childrens Coloring book (shown below)  so $8 – $4 (Wal. coupon on 2) and – $2 (man coupon) =  $2/2 OOP + you get $3 RR (moneymaker!)

Contour/Breeze (monthly deal) $14.99 and there are man. coupons for up to $30 off so FREE out of pocket + $5. RR (moneymaker!)

Pepsi/Tostitos (back page)  Same as last week.  This is a great deal if you do the Coors Rebate that I talked about last week (no beer purchase necessary).  The deal is spend $20 get $10 RR.  The Coors rebate is spend $30 get $10 back.  Tostitos are $2.50 and there are coupons (I found mine taped to the bag of chips at Walgreens, at Target and also at our grocery store) the coupon is buy 2 bag of Tostitos get salsa/dip free.  There are also $1 coupon on 1 Lays item (found those at Tops grocery store) that work on all Lays chips.

If you get the right coupons you can get $30 worth of snacks for free!  I bought coupons for Pepsi and Tostitos on Ebay.  I bought my chips at Walgreens ($2.50 each) and my soda at CVS (3/$10).

You can buy a rebate on Ebay or print one at the site that I listed a couple of days ago.  I’ve never used a Coors rebate that was printed so I can’t guarantee that it will work but at least you can see the rebate details.  There are 4 of them listed and two are with a beer purchase.

As far as the Children’s Coloring Book it can be found in the pharmacy area.  They are .99 but make sure that you get the one that looks like the book below and that the coupons are still in it.  I hadn’t seen them for awhile and then the other day I found some so don’t give up.

And here are the coupons inside the first page.  The one I used yesterday was in the top right corner for Neosporin and the Huggies.

There are lots of other deals at Walgreens…that was just a highlight….so go have fun!  Kerri

Catching up on rebates!

Sorry about the long “pause” in our blog.  I’ve been trying to catch up on rebates from the end of last year!

Speaking of rebates, I think this is a good time to remind you again about a great one called Care Givers Market Place.  This is my third year doing it and it really is great.

This rebate is for items that you would buy if you are caring for an elderly person but it includes items that we all can use.  Here is a list of just a few of the items:

Huggies diapers/pullups (5 kinds listed),GoodNites, Balmex, Cottonelles Fresh Wipes, Depends and Poise

Nature Made vitamins (this one is great if you are already getting them free with the deal I wrote about!)

Ecotrin,Polident, Poligrip,Comfort (personal cleaning), Os-cal, Aspercreme, Icy Hot, Cortizone, Glucerna, Citrucel, Kaopectate, Gold Bond, and Ensure.

This was last years list and every year they seem to add new items.

There are a lot of great thing about this rebate.  For one, you can send in as many as you want in a calendar year but there needs to be at least 5 items.  I just put all of my receipts for this rebate in one envelope and then send it in at the end of the year.

In fact, if you have any receipts from 2009 with these items you could still do the rebate for last year!  It has to be postmarked by 1-31-10.  Go to this address to sign up and to print your form.  Last year I found a form at the pharmacy in Kmart.


The first year I received about $45 but the last two years I averaged about $80 and if you have a child in diapers you could already be buying the items on the list!  Most products have a rebate of .50 and up to $2.50 (diapers are .75 a pack).

If you have questions, just let me know!  Have fun!  Kerri

Free food at Taco Bell and Coors/Tostitos rebate (printable!)

Taco Bell is doing their FREE Fresco Taco deal again!  They did it in December and it looks like you can print the coupon again!


It’s only one per household and it expires 1/25/10

Also, I mentioned a couple of days ago about a beer rebate that you could buy on Ebay but I just found 4 of the rebates that you can print instead.  Remember, these are NO BEER purchase rebates…weird, I know but TRUE!  I’ve done them for years and it’s not often I find a rebate that I can print off.  Be sure to see if your state is listed!

Coors/Tostitos rebate forms

This rebate is great this week because of the deals at Walgreens and CVS.  Both stores have the items on sale and you spend $20 and get $10 back in Register Rewards/Extra Bucks.  Great week for getting FREE FOOD!

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Shopping at Rite Aid and making a PROFIT! (Coupons and money saving ideas!)

I use to love shopping at Rite Aid but it seems that I don’t have time to do ALL of the stores so I had to start picking and choosing but after talking to a few of you I found out that for some of you, it is the only store you shop at.

I can’t do the full shopping there but I wanted to at least share some things that will help to “enhance” your shopping!

First of all, Rite Aid does coupons all of the time for $5 off $25.  I wasn’t sure if you knew that but that is one of the first things you want to do is to have these on hand.  This one expires 1/31/10 so make sure you save the file since you can print as many as you need (just remember that you can only use one in a transaction)

Rite Aid $5 off $25 coupon

Next, remember that there are some of the Rite Aid rebates that you can double up on.  Here is an example of this:

RiteAid has a P&G Olympic Visa Rewards Rebate #551.
* Spend $25 P&G products, get $5 Visa Reward Card
* Spend $50 P&G products, get $15 Visa Reward Card
* Spend $100 P&G products, get a $35 Visa Reward Card.
Purchase from 1/17 – 2/11.  Here is a list of products:

Always, Aussie, Bounce, Bounty, Braun, Cascade, Charmin, Cheer, Clairol, Clear Blue, Cover Girl, Daily Definitions, Daisy Razors, Dawn, Downy, Dreft, Duracell, Era, Fibersure, Fixodent, Gain, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Infusium, Ivory, Joy, Luvs, Max Factor, Metamucil, Mr Clean, Oil of Olay, Olay, Old Spice, Oral B, Pampers, Pantene, Pepto Bismol, Prilosec OTC, Pringles, Puffs, Safeguard, Scope, Secret, Swiffer, Tag, Tampax, Tide, Vapo Steam, Vaporub, Venus, Vicks (excludes Vicks Vaporizer), Vitality, Wetjet Cleaner, Zest, Zooth.

Notice that on some purchases, like the Always and Prilosec, you’ll qualify for TWO rebates.  One for the individual Single Check Rebate for that purchase, and the Visa gift card. That’s what is called a  “double dip”.

Always $6.99  Coupons: B1G1F (PG 12/27), $2 rebate SCR (single check rebate) #2

Prilosec OTC $24.99 Coupons: $3 (PG 12/27), $3 (PG 1/17), $6 SCR #27

Next, always remember to look for outside rebates for items.  An example of that is the Oil of Olay

Olay Skin and Bath Care B1G50% off 1.
Coupons: $1 and $2  plus there are 2 different rebates $15 rebate, $20 rebate

(I personally like the $15 rebate better because you can buy the cheaper items and they are on sale for B1G150% off and for the rebate you only need to buy 2 items)

SO…..you could buy

2 Always @ $6.99 x 2 = $13.98 and

2 Olay products (Regenerist cleanser is about $7.00 and B1G1 50%) so about $10.00

1 Bayer Aspirin $1.99

That would bring your total to about $25.

Use the Rite Aid $5 off $25 coupon, $6.99 Always (B1G1F coupon), 2 coupons for $1.00 each off Olay, $1.00 man. coupon for Bayer and the $2.00 Bayer Rite Aid coupon from the Ad Perks (talk about Ad Perks next section) and your total should be about $8.00

THEN submit for the Rite Aid rebate #2 ($2. for always) and #551 ($5.00 Visa)

AND THEN (last of all) mail off the receipt (by 1/24/10) for the $15 rebate on Olay.

You should PROFIT about $14.00 (give or take depending on which Olay products you buy!)

Last of all…..Watch “Ad Perks”.  I’m not sure if you know about these but I think they are worth it.  You watch a 30 second video about a certain product and then you can print a Rite Aid coupon (to be used with a manufacture coupon).

Go here to learn about the programs and to see the coupons available.

An example of this is Bayer Aspirin is on sale for $1.99 and there is an Ad Perks video for $2.00 off Bayer + use a manufacture coupon so you actually PROFIT $1.01!

Rite Aid is always having other promotions to add an extra value to shopping there.

Right now they have a Rite Aid Weight Loss program.  You sign up and receive over $50 in Rite Aid store brand coupons plus another coupons for $5 off $25.

Once you sign up for one program the other programs are just one click.  So another one to sign up for is My Rite Aid Coupons so that you can print store coupons.

I’m sure there are so many more “tricks” but since I haven’t shopped there in a long time I haven’t learned the new ones but hopefully this helps even a little for those of you who prefer Rite Aid.

If you know of other ways to save at Rite Aid….share with ALL of us!

That was actually fun….I might have to go check out Rite Aid today!

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

CVS $5/$20 coupon and other deals!

CVS has some great deals that have been running all month and end 2/14/10.  Here are just a few:

Soy Joy 6 ct box $6.00 – $6.00 XB (extra bucks) = FREE  (limit 6)

Oust  Air sanitizer or surface spray $3.99 – $3.00 XB = .99 (limit 6)    This one is great with the coupon from a couple of weeks ago for B1G1F on Oust.  So you buy 6 x $3.99 = $23.94 – $11.97 (coupon) = $11.97 out of pocket and you get $18.00 back in extra bucks!

Crave-NX Diet Aid $7.99 – $7.99 XB (says limit of 1 but right now it looks like about limit of 8!)

There are other items so you just need to shop the ad but there is one other offer that I want to mention.  It’s on page 1 and 2 of the ad.

Spend $20 on Pepsi products and get $10 XB.  (limit 2)

The Pepsi is 3/$10

Lays/Tostitos 2/$7

True North nuts (these are great…we love them!) or Stacy’s chips 2/$6

Now, if you go Here there are CVS coupons that you can print and one is for $1.00 off Frito Lays chips.

There are also manufacture coupons for all of these items.  Even if you have no coupons it would be a good deal BUT WAIT….this is the fun part….There is a mail in rebate with Coors light….and NO you don’t have to buy the beer!!!!  The Rebate is only good in certain states (AL, AR, CT, HI, KY, LA, ME, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NY, SD, UT, VA, VT AND WV)

The rebate is for $10 when you buy $30 of Tostitos chips/dips, Pepsi, condiments, plastic cups, ice, paper plates, and/or deli items (any brand/size).  You can sometimes find these rebates in the grocery stores in the beer isle but I usually just go to Ebay and buy them.  Here’s what they look like (this is just one seller so shop around!)

Coors/Tostitos rebate

One last thing, if you have a CVS and like to shop there, here is a printable coupon link from the Fresco Bee newspaper/website.  This is the 3rd week that they’ve done it and it would seem that if CVS objected they would have stopped posting it or pulled the ad.  I used 2 of them last week and the manager said they were fine….but I’m leaving that up to you.  I wanted to at least make it available to you.

Here is the link.

Ok, there ya go….have fun shopping!  Kerri

Dick’s Sporting Goods Store – clearance

This is just a quick blog.  If you are in need of anything at Dick’s Sporting Goods you might want to check them out today.

All of their clearance is an extra 50% off the lowest price.  An example was nice golf shirts Reg. $50. clearance price of $19.99 and then 50% off that so about $10.00.  They seem to have more women’s then men’s but there are shoes, workout clothes, coats and more.  We just happened to need some workout clothes.  The store said the sale ends Saturday (today) but you might want to call and ask if you can’t make it today.

Be sure to get your Dick’s coupons from your Entertainment book.  And if you don’t have a Dick’s bonus card, be sure to sign up for one if you ever shop there.  It’s free and you earn points that turn into store credit.  I just got a check for $10 yesterday.

Last thing, if you go and buy something be sure to look at the bottom of the receipt.  There might be a $10 off $50 for doing a survey.

Have a great day!  Kerri

Walgreens Deal – Free Lubriderm, Aveeno, Clean & Clear and more!

Walgreens has some great deals this week and if you haven’t gone, you still have 2 more days!

If you don’t have an ad you can look at one here

On the front page there is a deal for Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Roc or Lubriderm on sale for Buy one get one 50% off but all week long it has been ringing up Buy one get one FREE!

If you bought Sunday’s paper (if not there are stores who carry the paper until it’s gone…Wegmans and Fred Meyers are two that I know of) there were $2.00 off one coupons for all four of those items AND there was a rebate!  The rebate is for when you purchase $30 or more of at least TWO different products you get $10 back.  The rebate also includes Ambi and Purpose products and states that it’s not good on trial sizes and cleansing bars.

So, here is an example of what I bought

4 Aveeno 2.5 oz tubes for $2.99 each x 4 =      $11.96

2 Lubriderm 6 oz bottles for $3.99 each x 2 =     $7.98

2 Clean & Clear cleansers for $5.29 each x 2 = $10.58

Total                                                                   $30.52

I used (8) $2.00 coupons                                 –    16.00

At the bottom of the receipt it showed a

credit of $2.99, $2.99, $3.99 & $5.29              –  $15.26

Total after B1G1F and coupons                           $   .74  PROFIT!!!

THEN you send in for the rebate which is another $10.00!

Now, there is a Walgreens magazine in the pharmacy called Diabetes & You and it has $60 in coupons.  There is a Walgreens coupon for $1.00 off Lubriderm and one coupon will take $1.00 off 4 items (so $4.00) and since it’s a Walgreens coupon it can be used with your $2.00 manufacture coupon.  So I actually MADE an extra $2.00 on the above transaction.  This is what the magazine looks like

Notice that there is the main magazine (the bigger one) and then a cover (the smaller one) and it is the one with the coupons.  There are other coupons that are great to use so be sure to get some of these!

Also, there is a monthly coupon book that has all Walgreens coupons.  I usually take one and mark the front and back and I number the pages and put it with my Walgreens coupon box.  The reason I do this is so I always have a “full” book (no coupons torn out) that I can refer to each week as new ads come out.  I always grab a couple of more to put in the back of my coupon box so that I can tear out the Walgreens coupon and put it with the manufactures coupons.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.  Here is what the coupon book looks like.  I will call it the “New You” book when I refer to it

Now, you need to buy other things to eat up that profit but also I can’t guarantee that the rebate will work if all you have on the receipt is the lotion so here are some other deals that you can add.

Makeup – a lot of it is on clearance so if you have coupons, this is a great “filler” item.  Also, Sally Hansen/Lacross items are B1G150% and there were tools 75% + the B1G150%

Page 7 has BIC disposable razors $2/$10 – $3/2 (New You Walgreens coupon) – B1G1F (from Sunday’s paper) so

$10/2 pkg – $8.00 (man. & Walgreens coupon) = $2.00 for 2 pkg.  Be sure to look for the bonus pkgs.

Page 1 Colgate $2.99 – $2.00 RR (reg. rewards) = .99 + use a $1 manufacture coupon

Page 7 Oral B toothbrush 2/$6.00 – $2. RR – $2. man. coupon = $2.00/2

Page 7 Rembrandt toothpaste (they have a cancer sore one that my son-in-law loves!) $4.99 – $1 RR – $2 man = $1.99

Page 8 Kotex pads/tampons 3/$9.00 – $4. RR – $2 man. coupon = $3.00/3 (great deal on tampons!)

Page 10 Tena-Serenity Pads coupon for $5.00 off 30-72 ct.  In the paper there were coupons for $2.00 off any Tena. The small 30 ct were only $6.99 and with coupons that’s FREE.  Don’t need them?  Donate them!!!

Page 2 Planters Trail mix $3/2 – $1/2 (New You Walgreens coupon) – $1/2 man coupon = .50 each!

There are also unadvertised monthly specials but one money maker that I want to mention:

Contour/Breeze monitors are $14.99.  There are coupons for up to $30 so they will take off the $14.99 so the monitors     are free but then you also get $5.00 back in register rewards!!!  Make sure you only get one in a transaction.  Again, if you don’t need them…Donate them!!!

Remember, you can always bring your totals down even farther by using your Register Rewards BUT remember that you don’t want to use a reward on an order that has the same item or it won’t print the new reward.  This is called “rolling”.  So if you were to buy the Contour monitor and then in the next order bought another one you don’t want to use the $5.00 from the first order.  There’s a way that I keep track of my receipts but I’ll save that for another time…unless I get a response from you that you want to know now!

There were just so many deals at Walgreens and I hope you’re able to get out and take advantage of them!

Have fun!  Kerri

Staples has more FREE items PLUS I have another bonus tip!

Ok, last week I told you how to get your items at Staples for practically nothing….oh yeah, you had to sign up for our blog for Codi to send it to you!  You can still get the video but you have to let us know!

For those of you who did get the video, if you have any questions about getting $150 in Staples credit for $25, let me know and I’d be glad to help.  Hopefully you have already started getting your “supplies”!  Ok, here’s another BONUS TIP for Staples.

Go on Ebay and buy coupons!  Right now there are coupons for $25 off $75 and $20 off $50 and a few more.  Here’s an example on ebay of one that cost $3.00 for a $25 off $75.  Notice they tell you any restrictions on the coupon which is good to know!   Be careful to read the description because sometimes the coupons are only good online.

There are 100’s of coupons on Ebay so be sure to shop around.   There are coupons for FREE items when you order online.  Some examples are spend $100 (shipping is free!) and get a free luggage set or there’s one for a wall CD player and another for $25 off $100 and one for a $25 gift card to a list of places.  Some of the coupons can be stacked and you can always use your Staples Rewards money.

See how much fun this is!

The coupons sell in a range of about $1.00 to $5.00.  I bought 2 of the $20 off $50 coupons for $8.00.  They expire 2/13/10 and are great to use on the free supplies that Staples advertises.

So the deal for this week (go HERE to see the ad if you don’t have yours) deals are on the front page of the ad.  All of these items are FREE after your Staples Rewards (you get store credit back the next month)

small binder clips 40 $3.39

Staples Pull and Seal Envelopes 100 ct $7.99
Zebra Retractable Gel Pens $3.99
Staples Writing Pads 6 pk $7.99
Manilla Folders 50 ct $8
Bankers Legal Box 6 pk $9.99

If you don’t have a Staples Rewards card you can register for one here.

Your refund for these will come in your Staples Rewards sent out once a month.

They also have HP ink cartridges on sale for Buy one get one 1/2 off but I noticed that Target and CVS also had the same deal but they don’t have the coupons like we can get at Staples!

There are also $1 items using coupons from the flier (these don’t show online only in your paper)

Pentel RSVP Ball point pens 5 pk $1
Pentel e-sharp mechanical pencils 3 pk  $1
Staples Full-Strip Stapler $1
Staples Accel 1 subject notebook 100 sheets $1
Staples envelopes 50 pk  $1
Quartet magnetic Dry-Erase Board 8×11 $1
BIC Great Erase Dry Erase markers fine tip 4 pk $1
Staples Blue sticks 4 pk $1

Ok, now don’t forget that even if you don’t have a Staples really close you can still order on line and have it shipped to your closest Staples for free and pick it up later.

That’s all for now.  I went to Walgreens yesterday and had so much fun.  I will blog about that later today but there are some great deals you don’t want to miss!

Have fun shopping!  Kerri

Free 1/2 Gallon of Chocolate Milk!

If you buy alot of milk anyways, you might as well get a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk for FREE!

Go to this site and enter the contest to win free milk for a year. You do have to fill out information and answer one questions (takes about 1 minute).

After you enter the contest it will say “sorry, you didn’t win”…unless you do which would be great!  If you get the “sorry” message just look at the bottom of the page where it says to “print your coupon”.

After it prints, push the back button and you will be able to print 2 coupons.

Your coupon will be for

FREE Half Gallon Chocolate Milk (any brand) up to $3.00 with purchase of two gallons of white milk (any brand)  exp 2/11/10

They are only giving away to the first 125,000 entries…so the coupon might not be there long!

Good Luck!  Kerri

Tops deals this week

I just wanted to do a quick post about a couple of the deals at Tops (sorry for those of you that don’t have a Tops!)

First of all, on the front page of the Democrat and Chronicle in the upper right corner there was a yellow coupon for $5.00 off $50.00 that you don’t want to miss!  (Sorry about the picture quality…everything has a pink tone to it!)

Also, Tops is starting a Monopoly game.  I’m not really into the games that much but considering how much I shop there, I think I’ll do this one!  You get a game piece every time you shop (I split my orders up!) and then you get another game piece when you buy certain items.  Be sure to look at the ad when you get your paper

There’s always good deals to find but a couple that caught my eye were these:

Ground Beef $1.49/lb

Campbells Chicken Noodle/Tomato soup 2/$1 (be sure to check your coupons)

Post Cereal $1.79 and on the same page (4) is a coupon for $1/2 so it ends up being $1.29/box (you can also check the sites that I’ve listed below for extra coupons)

Finish dish detergent $3.49 (a couple weeks back there were coupons for $3.50 off 1…so that’s FREE!)

Grande Tortilla Chips $2.00 (there was a $1.00/1 in Sundays paper….so $1.00/1 bag)

I’m sure there’s more….it just depends on what you’re looking for.  Here are some websites that you can print coupons at.

Have fun!  Kerri


CVS magazine out

My CVS finally got their magazine in!  It has Courtney Cox on the cover

Besides the coupon insert, there are only 3 other coupons in the magazine.  The reason I like getting this magazine is because of the CVS coupons that can be used with a manufacture coupon.  The magazine is only .99 and the insert has a page of manufacture coupons and a page of CVS coupons

Anyways, I just thought I’d give you a heads up so you can be watching for it.  Kerri

Staples deals – How to get $150.00 for $25.00

Staples has some great deals this week that I wanted to let you know about.  Go here to see the ad at their website (in case you threw your ad away!)

They have some “Free after Staples Rewards” items.  That means you buy it and next month they will send you store credit for the amount.

There is a limit of FOUR on the binders!  They also have a Scotch pop-up tape dispenser and some pens (both a limit of 1)

They also had Hammermill Copy-Plus Paper (500 sheets) $6.29 – and after instant savings and rebate = $1.00

There are also Composition Books, scissors, dry erase markers and more for $1.00.  Check out the ad.

Now if you don’t have a Staples near you, you can always shop online.  Go to Mr. Rebates and then go to Staples.  You get 2% back through Mr. Rebates and your order through Staples will be sent FREE to your closest Staples.  That way you can still take advantage of the deals, make 2% back through Mr. Rebates, pick it up at the store at your convenience and drop off some ink cartridges while you’re at it!

So, now do you want to know how to get the $150 store credit for (about) $25.00?

Well, I can’t tell you yet!  Isn’t that awful?  I actually explained it at the end of our video about coupon organizing and so we decided that I should keep it there!

And where is this long lost video?  Well, Codi has been working on it.  Since it was our first one there were a lot of glitches to work out and so for those of you who have subscribed to our blog, Codi will be sending you the video link directly to your emails!  She is hoping to get those out today (Thursday 1-7-10)!

If you haven’t subscribed to our blog and still want the video, you have until tonight (Thursday)!  Just subscribe and she will include your email address to the list.

Have fun shopping!!!  Kerri

75% off my New Wardrobe, $704.00 for $148!!!!

I just found this last night but wanted to still share it.

I’ve never been in a Coldwater Creek store but I’ve ordered clothes from their website and I’ve really liked the quality.  Anyways, they have a sale of 75% off EVERYTHING on the site!  The sale ends today 1-6-10.

You have to type in this code when you checkout  75SALE .  But wait….before you go to the site, go to Mr. Rebates first and you will get an extra 4% back!

If you don’t want to use Mr. Rebates, you can go directly to the Coldwater Creek site here and be sure to use the 75SALE code.

This is only good online and the 75% off doesn’t come off until the end.  The great thing is is that once I get it, what I don’t like I just take back to the mall store to return.

At checkout you can also get an extra 20% off your order if you get a Coldwater Creek Visa.

Here is an example of what I ordered (but I’ll probably take a couple of things back if they don’t fit!).  The reason for telling you this is so you get an idea of what shipping is.  Sometimes it’s jacked up so high that it’s not worth getting the items!

I ordered 12 items  original cost $709.40 – $567.52 (75% + 20% visa) + $13.95 ship. + $4.97 tax  and my total?

$148.39 for 12 items (skirts, jackets, shirts) that is about $12.00 an item and then I’ll get 4% back from Mr. Rebates!

Don’t forget, it ends today!  Kerri

Entertainment Books for about $13.00

If you haven’t bought an Entertainment book or if you want another one (like me!), they have a pretty good deal going on this week only. (exp. 1/10/10)

The 2010 Books are selling for $20.10 + free shipping.

But if you use Mr Rebates (remember it’s free to sign up and you get money back for shopping on line) you can get an extra 30% back in your rebate account!

Sign up here first at Mr. Rebates and then in the search button type “Entertainment Book”.  It will connect you to the website.  If you have bought the Entertainment Book before there is a banner that says something about renewal members getting an extra 10% off.

My total for one book was $18.09 and when I checked out there was an option to buy more books for $15.00 each.

There’s also an option to have an automatic shipment of next years book and save $5.00 off today.  I don’t usually do that because I try to buy my first book from one of the schools doing a fund raiser.  In fact, when I signed in it asked if I wanted to give credit to one of the schools I’ve supported i the past…that was nice.  I chose a school in Colorado (Hey Sandy!!!).

My rebate hasn’t shown up yet at Mr. Rebates (it takes a couple of days) but I should have a rebate for about $5.40 so that will be $12.69 for my book.


Time to print those pictures!

Now that I’m back, I need to start looking at printing all those pictures from my trip and from Christmas.  Here are a couple of good deals

Snapfish has 50 prints for 50 cents (1 penny each!)


Here’s another one from YorkPhoto.  I use to use them years ago and didn’t know they were still around!  New customers can get up to 150 photos for .04 cents each.  you have to pay shipping and handling.  Here’s the link


Also, if you signed up for  Snapfish at Christmas, there was an offer for 50 free prints so be sure to use those.

Last of all, Walgreens had a coupon in their ad for .09 cents each.

So there ya go.  It’s good to get those pictures printed up!  Kerri

Only 363 SHOPPING days til Christmas!!!

Well, I’m back from my trip and trying to catch up with life.  Sorry that we haven’t been able to keep up with our blog but it was too much for Codi to do every day alone.  She did a great job for the last 3 weeks!  Thanks!

Tomorrow is a great day for coupons so be sure to get extra newspapers so you can start stocking up on those coupons!

Also, this is the time of year to get your Christmas decorations, paper, cards etc for next year.  Most stores are at 50% off and some are already at 75% off.

One of my favorite stores to go to is Michael’s Crafts.  I get beautiful pre-made flower arrangements cheaper than I could buy the flowers and they hold up for years.

Another great item to look for are the baskets.  I love stocking up on those and then I fill them up with all my stockpile items, wrap them with cellophane and put  silk flowers and a bow.

One of our traditions is that I like to wrap the presents as I get them and put them under the tree.  The problem is it was way too tempting for the kids knowing which present was theirs so I started doing something a little different.  Instead of names I would assign a Reindeer name (Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, etc) to each person and that way they wouldn’t know which present was theirs.  One year we did the 7 dwarfs and another year we did Harry Potter houses (Griffindor, Slytherin, etc) you get the idea.

Great side story….Johnny who is 21 now and has special needs still questions about there being a Santa.  Every year he would sit in front of the tree and pick up presents and say “Is this one mine?”.  Well, Finding Nemo had come out that year and I loved the part where the Seagulls were saying “Mine, mine, mine” and so that year we put “Mine” on every present!  When Johnny would say “Is this one mine?” we would say “Let me see….yup, that one’s mine!”   He hated that one.  Ever since he’s asked me not to do that one again!

So why am I telling you this?  Well, since the packages were out so early I wanted them to look nice.  I started buying rolls of wired ribbon and  flower picks, wreaths, and candle holders and anything else that would look nice on a present.  The rolls of ribbon are $10 for one roll so you definitely want to buy them when they are 90% off!

Here are some of the rolls that I have.  They were bought at Kmart, Target, and Michaels.   Be sure to get the wired ribbon…they make nicer bows.  The prices ranged from $5.99 to $9.99 but if you wait until they are 90% off you are only paying less than $1.00 for a roll!

It’s also great if you can find the pre-made bows.  The ones at Kmart were only $3.99 to $5.99 for two bows (or .39 – .59 cents).  The pre-made at Michaels were around $10 for the real big ones.

I also buy picks that end up being really cheap about .05 each for the small ones and about .15 for the larger ones

I also like to get ornaments that I can tie onto the package.  This is great for gifts for other people.

Also, gift card holders are great to put onto a package.

So, the final product looks really nice and it’s fun to have the presents under the tree as part of the decorations.

This one (below) is a candle holder and the reindeer is an ornament.

You get the idea.  Of course not all of the presents go under the tree…some come Christmas Eve from Santa.  We don’t expect him to decorate the presents this way but bless his heart….he tries (thanks Bob)!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas….it’s good to be back home!  Kerri

The B.R.A.T. diet

Well, I’m not going to say ANYTHING about the 3 letter word that EVERYONE is talking about EVERYWHERE, you know that one that is getting everyone lined up at the Dr. to get  a vaccine to prevent this 3 letter word?  Ok well I thought I would share a bit of info I learned from my friend who is soon to be a Natropath Dr.  She has  a couple years left and she’s gonna be great!  Anyways she started her own blog and gives some great advice for FREE which I LOVE!  

So I recently posted about my daughters rashes and am happy to report they are gone!  I used that Salve that she sent me and about 2-3 weeks later it was diminishing before our eyes! 

But then she posted about a few tips for when you do get the… 3 letter word, and I found them very simple but very helpful.   So check out what she said HERE, It’s short and sweet!

And adding to that, I learned that there is a diet to stick to when you do get sick and are throwing up, like my daughter was last week two days before CHRISTMAS!!!  We think she had some kind of food poisoning.  Anyways Iw as told to stick the  BRAT diet.





Just a little bit at a time!!! 

1 dose of Vit. D twice a day  (400mg ea, that’s what the Dr. said, not YOURS so ask them!) in a capsule that you can mix in the applesauce   

SO I believe that this diet really did make a difference to her, and I haven’t ever heard of it, She was feeling better within 30 minutes of me giving her the applesauce and Vit. D and it was uphill from there!

We were all drinking Echinacea Tea just in case and Bailey was taking Chamomile and Peppermint Tea.  That helped calm her tummy a little. 🙂

Anybody else have anything else they’d like to add?

Talk to you all later!


Hello All!  Everyone have a Great Christmas/Holliday break?  Well I know we did!  Lot’s of fun here and yummy yummy fatty fatty food!!! 

So I hear that the first coupons of the year are the best!  We get 2 RedPlums, 2 SmartSources this coming Jan. 2……. 2010!!! That’s fun to write!

Green Giant Fresh Broccoli $.99

– $1 Target PrintableFREE

Archer Farms Ham Steaks $2

-$2 Target Printable HERE = FREE

Glad Force Flex Trash Bags 24ct $5.99

-$1 Coupon HERE (or from the 12/6 Red Plum)

Stack (use one above and this one) this printable from HERE

Final Price $3.99  

Method Soap on sale for $2.49 or less with the Christmas Scents

-$2 Method Coupon HERE

You pay $.49 or LESS with the Christmas Scents, (FYI, this soap works AWESOMELY great, I use the floor cleaner and  it smells YUMMY!  But my most favorite thing is the ingredients in it and the price.)

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate $.97

-$1 Target Coupon HERE (exp. 1/2/10)


There are a couple of deals anyone can do because most everywhere has a Target now!

Listen to personalized Christmas Music?

Hey Everyone!  So I know that my mom posted a while ago about some free downloads for music,  but this in ENTIRELY different.  For those of you who haven’t been to this site, YOUR MISSING OUT!!! 

So Pandora.com is where you can listen to FREE music internet radio!   So during the holiday’s you can put in the type of Christmas music you like.  Pick from their categories of Christmas music and then you put a thumbs up for the ones you like and it will keep playing music similar to that.  So for example:   I like Frank Sinatra, so they play Christmas songs that sound similar to his music.  If you don’t like the song, you put a thumbs down.  BUT you only can do thumbs down so many times because it’s well, FREE for the first 30 HOURS!!!  If you want more, it’s SUPER cheap.  Just sign up HERE and start listening!  We actually have two accounts, one for me and my hubby, we get more listening hours that way.

WE LOVE THIS SITE!!!  They have kids music, just type in an artist they like and VIOLA!  My husband and I personally LOVE Regina Spektor.  If you  haven’t heard her music, you should. 🙂  But they have EVERYTHING!!!!  So try it out and let me know what you guys think. 

So as for the deals, there are NO coupons today.  BUT Amazon is having great deals still on games, melissa and doug (love them), and other great toys.  So check them out if you still have LAST minute shopping to do!   I hear that they do great on shipping for the holiday’s.

I Wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holliday, and Good Tiding, and Great Joy :), Happy Hanukkah,  Merry Kwanza,  St. Francis,   and everything else!  Oh and ChristmaKkah

The Bag Lady in “Green”

Whenever I spend time with Codi, I come home more aware of being “Green”!  I don’t think Codi could have “picked” a better last name (her last name really is Green in case you didn’t know)….well, maybe “recycle”….nope, I like Green better!

I have noticed lately that more businesses are trying to help the environment in different ways but when I can save money too, you catch my attention!  There are alot of  stores now that will give you credit for using reusable bags.  The store that Codi buys most of her groceries at gives you .05 credit for every reusable bag you use and when I came home I saw this ad at CVS

The bags at CVS cost .99 and look like this

I bought 4 of them and of course they can be used at any store.  You can buy reusable bags anywhere.  I saw some really cute ones at Toys R Us the other day.

Anyways, back to CVS.  Then you buy a tag and attach it to the bag and scan that tag each time you shop.  You are limited to one scan per day on your card and after four times you get $1.00 extra buck so that is like .25 each time you use the tag/bag.  You don’t have to use the CVS bag, just any reusable bag but you do have to use the tag to get the extra bucks.  The tag also cost .99 cents.  They look like this

So be sure to use those reusable bags and let all of us know when you find a store that will give you credit for using them….that way we can all be “Green” just like Codi and save a little money too!  Kerri

TIP: Keep your bags in a spot (mine are by the door) and I TRY to put them in the back of the car when I put the groceries away… but that’s VERY unlikely.  By my door is where you can find them.   After trying SUPER hard to remember your bags when you shop, after a few times it will become habbit. I can’t believe how many bags I have saved, and they don’t rip (if they do, most stores will give you a new one)!  YAY

De-stress, and Boost Your Immune system!

Do you buy vitamins?   Do you want to know how to start getting them for FREE (or close to it)?

Well, if you happen to buy Nature Made or Natures Resource then here’s a little secret that not many people know about (and if you do, good for you)!!!

You go to naturemade.com and sign up for their Wellness Rewards program (it’s free).

Each time you buy any Nature Made or Natures Resource products you sign into your account and “Bank” your points.

You can find the number on the side of your bottle

It may also look like one of these:

After you have banked 500 points you can order a coupon for $5.00 off any vitamin.  After that, every 500 points gets you a $7.00 coupon off any one item!

Earn rewards points that save you money

Earn free vitamins whenever you buy any Nature Made

Now, that might seem like a lot of points but they really add up fast.  Here are a couple examples of point values

Vitamin B – 80 points

Calcium – ranges 80 – 150 points

COQ10 – 150 points

Fish Oil – 80 points

You get the idea.  The points are from 50 to about 250.  I’ve been doing this program for about 7 years and I have almost 4000 points!  The only drawback is that you can only order one coupon every 30 days!  I just received another coupon so I thought I’d show you what they look like

Notice the white box in the lower right corner?  When you order your coupon there is a box that asks which retailer you prefer….leave it blank!  If you say “CVS” then that coupon will only be good at CVS but if you leave it blank you can use it at any store.

There are other items that you can order and it changes every so often but here is what they have right now.

Denise Austin Power Yoga Plus Denise Austin Power Yoga Plus DVD

(650 pts)
Lunch Cooler Lunch Cooler

(450 pts)
SOYJOY®: fortified with optimism SOYJOY®: fortified with optimism (3 bars per box)(200 pts)
Flashlight/Keychain Flashlight/Keychain

(175 pts)

NOW….how to use those coupons when you get them!  I always make sure that I use it when a store has them on sale for B1G1F and that way I get my vitamins almost always FREE because of the large coupons along with other manufacture and store coupons.

If you have a CVS they are the best place to buy because when you scan your CVS card and the machine will print out a coupon that you can use WITH the manufacture coupons.  Here is what the CVS coupon looks like

Rite Aid also has this sale a lot along with other store coupons and don’t forget that a lot of your vitamins will count towards your Pay Flex account (has to do with your health insurance).

And there you go…..that’s how you can start getting your vitamins for FREE

50% off Best Seller Barnes and Noble books!

 The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: Book CoverBarnes and Noble is offering 50% off on all hardback New York Times Best Sellers today only. There are over 100 titles on the list. Sarah Palin, Dan Brown, Sue Grafton, etc. Choose from lists for fiction, non fiction, advice, how-to, business. Also, shipping is free on $25, and delivery is guaranteed by Christmas if you order by 12/20

Another Walgreens deal 

Lubriderm on sale 20% off: $3.03

– $2 (RP 10/11)

-$1 (Diabetes and You booklet)

You Pay $0.03 🙂

O, The Oprah Magazine (1-year) Get a subscription to the ‘O’ Oprah Magazine for $5 for a year! Click HERE.  Shipping is always free on Amazon mags. but you could use the cost for free shipping on $25 and over.  Click on their deals of the day.  They have some great deals every day!   

 There’s the good one’s I found that ANYBODY could do! 

Snuggles $1.50 from Annie

This is from one of our readers, Annie

Walgreens has all detergent or snuggles fabric softner on sale 2/7 and in sundays coupons there was 2 coupons on for all $2.00 and one for snuggles $2.00 so 2 for $7.00 minus $4.00 =$3.00 so $1.50 for each when they regularly cost i think$4.89 each  Ends today HURRY!

Thanks Annie!!!

Early Walgreen’s Ad! Week 12/12- 12/17

Hi all, so I am new at explaining a lot of the items I listed below, I don’t buy these, my mom does, and she usually posts about them.  So I wasn’t sure wich one’s were a good deal or not, so well I posted almost all of them.  So what I listed below is NEXT WEEKS Walgreen’s ad.  🙂  Early this time, my motto for the holliday’s!!! 

Get a $5 RR when you spend $25, only good 12/16 & 12/17.

Coke 12 pks 3/$10
– $2 RR
FP 3/$8

Foster Grant Reader Glasses B1G2F

Puffs .89 with in-ad cpn – .25 (PG 11/29)

Angel Soft 9 Rolls $3.50 with in-ad cpn
– .50 (RP 9/13)

Complete Multipurpose Solution 12 oz+ $7.99
$8 RR
– $1 (RP 10/25)
FP free + $1 profit

Gillette Fusion or Venus Razor System $8.99
$4 RR
– $4 (P&G 11/29)
FP .99

Hershey’s Pot of Gold $4.50
$3 RR wyb 2
– $1 (S 12/6)
FP 2/$4

Colgate Total Toothpaste or Wave Toothbrush $2.50
$1 RR wyb 2
– $1 (S 12/6)
– $1 (S 11/1)
– .75 (S 12/6)
FP ala 2/$2

Oral-B Advantage Floss Picks, Scope White 24 oz, Scope Outlast Mouthwash $3.50
$2 RR wyb 2
– $1 (P&G 11/29)
– .75 (PG 11/29)
FP ala 2/$3

Oral-B Vitality Toothbrush or Replacement HEads 3-4 pk $19.99
$5 RR
– $5 (RP 12/13)
FP $9.99

Crest Glide Floss, Pro-Health Mouth Rinse or Pro-Health Toothpaste
– $1 (P&G 11/29)
RR for free product

Pantene 25.4 oz, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences 23.7 $5.99
$2 RR
– $2 Pantene VocalPoint home mailer
– $1/2 (P&G 11/29)
– .50 (P&G 11/29)
FP ala $1.99

Register Reward
Buy $30, get $10 RR
Buy $20, get $5 RR

Alka Seltzer $4

Dulcolax Balance $10
– $3 (S 12/13)
– $5 mail-in rebate
– $3 printable

Ex-Lax 24 ct $5
– $1.50 (S 12/6)

Gas-X 18-20 ct $5
– $1 (S 12/6)

Imodium 40-48 ct $10
– $1 printable
– $1 (RP 12/6)

Phillips $4
– $1 (RP 10/25)
– $1 printable
– $2 December coupon booklet

Prilosec $19
– $3 (PG 11/29)

Just for Me Hair Care $4.50
$3 RR wyb 2

Vaseline or Pond’s $5.99
$2 RR wyb 2
– $1.50 printable
– $1 (RP 11/15)
– .50 (AY Dec)

Nivea for Men $4.50
(Body wash, after shave balm, lotion, face scrub or wash)
$4 RR wyb 2
– $1 (RP 11/1)
FP $3/2 wyu 2 coupons

Mucinex 14-20 ct $9.99
$5 RR wyb 2
– $1 (S 10/11 or 12/13)
FP 2/$13

Luster Tooth Whitening $14.99
$5 RR
FP $9.99

Luster Tooth Whitening Light System $29.99
$6 RR
FP $23.99

Blue Diamond Almonds B1G1F 2/$3.49
– .75 (S 9/13)
– $1/2 (S 11/15)
FP ala 2/$2

Rimmel Eye or Lip 50% off
– $1 (All You Dec)

Move Free B1G1F
– $5 (S 9/20)

Scotch Packaging Tape with Dispenser B1G1F 2/$3.49 with in-ad cpn
– .50 (RP 12/6)
FP 2/$2.49

Biotene Dental  $6.99
$3 RR
– $2 in Diabetes & You booket
FP $1.99

Photo Finishing Services $20
$5 RR off next photo finishing

Playtex Tampons $7.99
$2 RR
– $1 (S 10/11)
– $1 (AY Sept)
FP $4.99

Kodak Camera CD14 $69.99
$10 RR
FP $59.99

Lindsay Olives .99 with in-ad cpn
– $1/2 printable
FP .50 each

Oscar Mayer Bacon $2.99
– .75 (S 11/15)
FP $2.24

Progresso Soup .99
– .50/2 (S 10/25, S 11/8, S 11/15)
– .25 (S 11/8, 12/6)
– $1 printable on High Fiber

General Mills cereals $1.99
– $1/2 printable
– $1/2 (S 11/15)
FP $1.50 each

A BOGÉ Christmas

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that “hard to buy for” person…..TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!

When we lived in Arizona (about 15 years ago) my husband Bob decided to give us a BOGÉ Christmas.

You say that in your best French accent and pronounce it like Bow-zea (does that make sense?).  I don’t know where he got the idea but I’m sure it was somewhere in that brain of his and just got a little scrambled up.  Have you ever heard anyone call Target with a French accent…it sounds like Tar-zea (kind of).

For weeks he talked about his BOGÉ Christmas.  We were all pretty excited.  Codi was probably about 10 years old and Johnny was about 5.  We couldn’t wait to open our gifts on Christmas morning and what made it even more exciting was that Bob had put so much time into buying and wrapping our presents.

Well Christmas morning came and he had us all open our gifts at the same time and imagine our shock as we opened the most ugliest, hideous, outrageous clothes we’d ever seen!  Mine was this old lady’s bright pink sweat suit, a huge gold buckle belt, wicked witch stripped socks,

We all just looked at each other not understanding Bob’s  idea of A BOGÉ Christmas.  He finally explained.  He said that every year he tries so hard to buy things that he thinks we’ll like and every year we would take it back to the store to exchange it for something we liked so this year he decided to do a BOGÉ Christmas and then he explained what BOGÉ stood for.  Bob’s Outrageous Gift Exchange!

He figured that if we were going to just exchange all his presents anyways that HE might as well have fun watching us do it!  He made us all put on those seriously ugly clothes and go into the FRONT yard and he took pictures!  We couldn’t wait to go back inside!

After this, EXCHANGING Christmas gifts had a whole new meaning and Bob (again) got the last laugh!

Beaucoup de retours heureux (that’s French for MANY HAPPY RETURNS!)  Kerri

This is Codi now, and I would like to add that I remember this, it was very funny, but more importantly I remember from years ago.   Very creative, especially because he really ‘Sold’ us on it.  We were so excited.  I think it would have been funny though if he continued it!  Maybe I will some day- or for that Christmas that I really am at a loss!  My mom is still in Europe, HAVING FUN MOM????  I bet they’re touring and not eating and running around Europe, I can just imagine all 10 or so of them literally RUNNING around everywhere to see EVERYTHING, of course she’s like that, she is a deal finder, there’s no way she would go to Europe (2nd time) and not get her money’s worth.  I think she gets double  her money!  I know I wouldn’t keep up with all them! 

Deal of the day now right?

Go to Snapfish Buy one Photo Calender get on FREE! (12/16) use the code RACHAELRAY.  After you order your calendar within 2 days, you will get  a credit in your account for a FREE 4×6 Photo Flip Book  (my kids love their little books) so you could get 2 Calender AND a Flip Book for the price of 1 Calender (the regular size one’s are $18).  Go HERE

Target Shoppers: You can stack a manufacturer coupon with a target coupon.
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
– $.75 printable RedPlum (Target coupon pg 1) — stack it with one of these:
– $1 printable (bricks)
– $1 (RP 11/18)

Glade ForceFlex Trash Bags
– $1 printable RedPlum (Target coupon pg2) — stack it with one of these:
– $1 printable bricks
– $1 (RP 12/6)

Talk later!


BRING IT ON ECONOMY!!! Jamba Juice, Ice Age, Hasbro Games

There are so many GREAT deals out there, to help the budget!  It’s fun finding them, but don’t miss them!!! That’s not so fun.

So my mom is in Europe right now!!!  HAVE FUN MOM!!!  And I took a break from posting for a while, tying to get my silly computer to work!   I’m using my husband’s that he uses for work.  (thanks hon)  So here I go to try and post some good finds.

First one I bet you saw in the Sunday Paper (12/6)  Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs – $15 use the coupon for $3 off/1 to pay $12.  We just watched that today as well!!!  I guess I’m really relating to these deals!


Go to Jamba Juice and get steel cut oats for $1 with your purchase of a smoothie –  HERE  I know here in WA it’s in the TEENS!!!!! CRAZY, but I actually make smoothies at my house year round because I can add vegggies in it boosting their immune system for the winter!  But as for the oats…  for those of you who don’t know about this yummy breakfast dish let me tell you this…..  WE LOVE THESE!!!!  They are SO yummy and kinda crunchy/ nutty.   They aren’t mushy or pasty like oatmeal (can you tell I have a favorite?)  and they go a long long way!  It takes longer than your instant oatmeal, but with the quick cooking oats they don’t have NEAR as many nutrients as regular oatmeal (same as rice). So these DO take longer to cook  about 30-60 minutes to cook.  You use 3 cups of water to 1 cup of cereal and that will feed my family of five.   If we have left overs they refrigerate well and heat em up the next day for a quick breakfast!!!  Very inexpensive as well, You could get a bag for $3 and it would have more than  cups in it.  They aren’t flat like your oatmeal either they are little rolls of oats.  YUMMY!  We just had some this morning! If you haven’t ever tried them here’s your way without having to buy a whole package! 🙂

OK OK You’ll like this one !!! At Target this week.  Buy any Hasbro Game $10+, get a FREE Hasbro Card Game ($5 value).  You can print $5 Hasbro coupons HERE!  Look in USA Weekend from couple days ago for $5 off Boggle and $10 off Scrabble.  WOW those are AWESOME!  You could definitely add those to my mom’s ideas for the gift baskets!!!!  

Ok talk to you all later!

Christmas Gift Basket ideas (from Walgreen’s!)

Ok….I know it’s late in the week but I still want to mention some deals that I just did at Walgreens.

*FREE Olay Body Quenchers lotion AND FREE Olay In-Shower lotion!

On page 29 there is a deal that you buy the Olay Lotion for $7.99 and get the Olay In-Shower lotion for free but what makes this deal so great is that there was a coupon in Sunday’s paper to get the lotion for FREE when you buy the In-Shower lotion!  Here is the ad and the coupon from the paper.  Both end up being FREE!  This would be great in a gift basket!

*4 Nivea lip Balm/Gloss and a large bottle of Nivea lotion for $1.98!

On page 33 they have Nivea lip balm/gloss for .99 and the paper from a couple of weeks ago (hopefully you bought one!) had 2 coupons in it for B1G1F lip product and also a coupon for a free bottle of lotion when you buy 3 lip products.  So you buy 4 lip products and a bottle of lotion and pay $1.98 (for 2 lip prod.)!  I already did this 4 times and had no problems.  Another great item to put in a gift basket!

*Sleep or Stress Therapy lotion,oil, sower gel or soak (reg. price about $6.99) for .99!

This is on page 31 and it looks like it’s pretty good and the price is right.  It is $3.99 and you get $2.00 register rewards so $1.99 but there were coupons for $1.00 off any right there by the product so .99 for 1.  Here is the ad and the coupon

*Gillette Fusion Power Razor for .99!

Again on page 31 and again, still a great idea for Christmas!  The razor is $8.99 and you get $4.00 in R.R. (register rewards) and then in this last Sunday’s paper there was a coupon for $4.00 off so final cost is .99

*Cheap or FREE Glade products!

This deal will depend on the manufacture coupons that you have.  There are 2 different Glade deals

Now on the top deal it is 2 for $5.00 – $1.00 R.R. = 2 for $4.00 and the one underneath it is $5.99  – $2.00 R.R. = $3.99.  There are a lot of manufacture coupons out there.  I have some great ones that actually came out of the box with the candles in it but last Sunday’s paper had these coupons in it

Now what makes this deal even better is that there are Walgreen coupons in the monthly flyer for $1.00/2 so be sure to use those with the deal.

*FREE or even $1.00 profit on Complete Multi-Purpose contact solution!

On pg. 34 the Complete is $7.99 and you get $7.99 in R.R. so FREE but there is also a $1.00 manufacture coupon

*Ecotrin 24 count FREE!

On page 36 there is a Walgreen’s coupon for Ecotrin for $1.99 and there is also a manufacture coupon for $2.00 off so FREE!

*Kids’ Dental Care (Oral B Toothbrushes/paste) 4 items for $1.00 to possibly a profit of $3.00!!!

On page 33 there is a great deal for kids Oral B or Zooth toothbrushes/paste.  It is 4/$10. – $5.00 R.R. = 4/$5.00.  There are manufacture coupons for $1.00 off ONE Kids Oral B or Zooth toothbrush.  If you have those coupons your cost will be about $1.00 for 4 toothbruses!

Now, you can actually MAKE $3.00 on this deal to put towards some of your other items but it depends on if have this coloring book that I talked about last month.  It was at the pharmacy counter and they cost .99 and the first page was a page of coupons.  In it was a coupon for $1.00 off any kids Oral B or Zooth toothbrush and one coupon is all you need for the 4 toothbrushes because it will automatically take off $4.00 from your order .  Here is what the coloring book and coupon look like

*FREE  Oral B toothbrush or Floss/picks

On page 33 the Oral B is 2/$5 – $3. R.R. = 2/$2  and if you have the manufacture coupon for $1.00/1 it would be free.

*Entertainment Book $10.00 off

On page 16 there is a Walgreen’s coupon for $10.00 off the Entertainment Book.  I just thought it might be a good idea as a gift.

*Page 11 coupon for buy 25 prints get 25 prints free

*2 Arm & Hammer detergent for about $2.50

On page 8 the Arm & Hammer detergent is on sale B1G1F (so 2 for $6.99).

I didn’t have any manufacture coupons but there is a rebate on the back of the Baking Soda 1 lb box.  I got mine at Walmart for .50.  This is what the front of the box looks like and the rebate.

So your initial investment is about $7.50 for 2 bottles of detergent and a box of baking soda and you get $5.00 back on the rebate so $2.50 is what you pay.

There are a lot of other deals but I thought I would just mention a few of them that I thought would be good for Christmas gift baskets.  Again, I’m sorry I’m so late getting this to you but hopefully you can still go get some of those deals by Saturday!  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!  Kerri

Magazines for $5….today only!

Here’s another deal at Amazon but it ends today (Dec. 1).  There are 10 magazines on sale for $5.00 for a yearly subscription…great gift idea!

Ends today: Amazon $5 Magazine Subscriptions

Real Simple (1-year)Real Simple $5
Southern Living $5
Sports Illustrated Kids $5
Smart Money $5
People StyleWatch $5
Popular Science $5
Travel + Leisure $5
Food & Wine $5
House Beautiful $5
Cosmopolitan $5

Free Christmas downloads to make your days more merry!

I love Christmas music and I’ve been playing it since last week….it makes this season so much fun!  So I just ran across a deal for some free Christmas music downloads on Amazon.  It was really simple to do just click here     Free music and follow the instructions.


It can be downloaded to your computer, iTunes or to an MP3 player.  There are 7 songs.

There is also other free music that you can get.  Just look for this green circle on the opening page:

More Free Songs

Special Deals and More Free Music
Find great bargains and more free music




Have fun and Merry Christmas!  Kerri

Black Friday still going… onlline! Check these out

Hey Guys, well I haven’t gotten to post, my mom has been doing it, and I have been trying to get our video edited!!!  And my computer got a virus so sorry to everybody that has been patiently waiting….:(  So while I am figuring that out here are a couple of deals to mention. 🙂

Cuties website is offering a $3 off coupon, and they are on sale for $3.99 at my store.  WE LOVE THESE!!!  I think I go through a bag each week.    So you put in your e-mail address and they send you a coupon.  I also put in Shay’s e-mail so we got two.  Not a huge deal , but it’s still good!!! 🙂  GO HERE and then up in the right hand corner it says ‘register for coupons and special offers’

30% off and free shipping the 2010 Entertainment Book.  This offer is only good until the 30th!!!!   Click Here

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon is having a Weekend Sale not just one day.  Smart I think!!!  There are great  deals that even beat some of the stores.  Free shipping on over $25 it goes until tomorrow!  Amazon Black Friday/Weekend  CHECK IT OUT (that was said in a loud announcer voice)

 Ok I guess I’ll be posting later!  Hey I think all the readers here would agree that we want to hear what deals your finding.  Thanks to Annie she has sent a few things to us that have been great deals that we posted up.  We want to hear more from you.  What have you found, or what deals do you know are coming up that are exciting?


BLACK FRIDAY……Don’t get HURT!!! Do this instead…

I’ve never really liked Black Friday.  You know, the day after Thanksgiving where the stores open at 4:00 a.m. and people get trampled.  I’ve tried a few times….actually, I think I go every year!  Those ads are so inviting and to a Compulsive Hoarder like me it’s too tempting!  Actually, Johnny (my son) looks forward to this day almost as much as Christmas.  So for those of you who are interested, here are some clues and ideas.

The ads will come out on Thursday but some will come on Wednesday.  There are stores open on Thanksgiving day and it’s usually pretty dead so I actually like going in on Thursday.  CVS and Walgreens are two of the stores.

Amazon has Black Friday going on right now (actually started Monday)!  The prices are pretty good.  Just play around with the box at the top and it shows deals going on all day long but they go fast so if there’s something you really want, be sure to watch for when it is coming up for sale.

Check it out HERE

Kohl’s will open at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday and you get $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend either in-store or on-line (I like the on-line part!).  The on-line shopping starts at 12:00 a.m. on Friday until 1:00 p.m.  The sale is 11/25-11/29 and they have over 300 early bird specials — see the list here.

If you shop on-line at Kohl’s, be sure to go to Mr. Rebates FIRST and then to Kohl’s and you can get an extra 3% on your purchases and they also have a bunch of codes for free shipping and discounts!


PENNEY’S If you plan on shopping here for their deals, here’s a coupon for $10. off $50. Again, if you shop on-line be sure to go here first and you will get 2% rebates for Penney’s purchases!



You can check out other Black Friday deals here